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Freeman Asia Blogs – Summer 2022

Sarah Baron
Mia Davis
Jake Garcia
Aidan Garrett
Neal George
Aja Golliday
Luisa Jhong Chung
Ankush Kecht
Aileen Magafas
Madelyn Schmitt
Elizabeth Shaver
Rory Sloan
Katy Smit
Garrit Stenerson
Jessica Tran
Laura Westpfahl
Esther Yang

Math Blogs – Spring 2022

Austin’s Blog
Seth’s Blog: Mathematics at IWU
Paul Zunkel’s Blog
Will Sampson’s Blog: Math at IWU
Kevin Schoefernacker – Math Immersion Blog
Zeke’s Blog: Math at IWU
Steve’s Blog: Math Immersion
Aiden’s Math Immersion Blog
Aiden’s Math Immersion I Blog
Aiden’s Math Immersion II Blog

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