Tiny Titan: Simon Levi Gettleman

Beth Raboin-Gettleman ’99 sent the following note:Simon

We are thrilled to share the news of the latest addition to our family, Simon Levi.
He was born on Tuesday, April 8th at 7:51am.  Simon was 6lbs 14oz, 20 inches (or as his brothers call him, “peanut”).
Beth and Simon are doing great.
Thank you for all the warm wishes.
With love,
Beth, Eric, Noah and Eli (and Simon)

Meeting up with classmates!

I was able to meet several classmates last August at a concert in Chicago. Big thumbs up! In case you were wondering, we were there to see a band called Shiner on a mini-reunion tour at the Bottom Lounge.

Rick Lindquist, Steve Raparelli, Jake Burkhart, Phil Huckelberry, and Jim Sunday

Rick Lindquist ’99, Phil Huckelberry ’98, Steve Raparelli ’99, Jake Burkhart ’99, and Jim Sunday ’99