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Kathleen Johnson CPP Intern’11


Binder #: 25
Major: Hispanic Studies and Education
Passion: Education & Outreach, Youth
Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters, State Farm

Project Summary: The Community Partnership Program is a very unique internship opportunity for Illinois Wesleyan University students. Featuring a 2:1 split,the internship places the student in a department at State Farm and a local not-for-profit agency. In my particular instance, I was placed in the Multicultural Business Development group at State Farm and Big Brothers Big Sisters in the community. In MBDG I analyzed the 2012 Census looking for growth trends and leading indicators among the three major multicultural segments: African-American, Asian, and Hispanic, and what business implications that growth had for State Farm.At BBBS, I worked on increasing the organization’s outreach to the Hispanic community in Bloomington-Normal, trying to recruit more volunteers to be mentors, and finding a new intern with Spanish skills who could take over my endeavors in the fall and spring. Both corporate and non-profit aspects of this internship provided me with very fulfilling work and by the latter half of the summer began to overlap quite a bit.The CPP Internship on both the corporate and non-profit sides has been a fantastic experience.


 Jazmyn Becker CPP Intern’11

west bloomington revitalization project

Binder #: 24
Major: Business and Educational Studies
Passion: Marketing, Education & Outreach
Organization: WBRP, State Farm

Project Summary: At State Farm I was assigned to the Marketing Communications: Mass Media Team. The team works largely with outside marketing agencies, with a specific focus on young families, Hispanics, and the Asian/Asian Indian marketing segment. At State Farm I was put to work on project management in conjunction with marketing analysis on various projects including agent/zone creative work, Gold Cup Sponsorship efforts, public affairs action advertising, and young adult/zone creative work. Many of the projects I worked on impacted the community for the better. With the Gold Cup Sponsorship, State Farm donated Soccket balls to South American countries in exchange for people donating minutes via online gaming. The Soccket ball is an energy storing ball that can generate light after playing with it, providing light to many children’s homes in South America. I also worked on the advertising components for the Public Affairs, Make It Possible project with Financial Literacy Town halls. These town hall meetings will take place around the United States starting in August and will provide free workshops to the public to learn about various financial topics. Advertising was done largely in Spanish on major Hispanic networks in an effort to convince the Hispanic audience to attend. For the nonprofit component of the internship, I worked at the West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP). I worked on various projects that were in line with their overall missions and values. One of the focuses of the WBRP Task force is to help local businesses and prove to the greater community that the West Bloomington region is a revitalized commercial area open for expansion. The project I worked on was to interview 10 local business owners in an effort to gain more insight from the owner perspective, and develop promotional pieces to incorporate in our community newsletter.


Kyle Charles, Pat Kleszynski, Amy Rohalla, Mary Roth, and Carmen Simkins Seminar Interns’05

Binder #: 23
Passion: Greek Life, Arts
Organization: Fraternity and Sorority Life

Project Title: “Inter-Sorority PR Event Planning at IWU”


Project Summary: The Facilitators of this project wanted to address the relationship issues between sororities on the IWU campus and procure a way in which to resolve said issues. There was much tension between individual sorority houses and their members, as well as ill-will between said sorority members and IWU faculty and staff. Their goal was to work with the governing body of all the recognized sororities on campus-the Panhellenic Council-to plan an event to bolster public relations (PR) for sororities on IWU’s campus amongst faculty and staff, as well as give sorority members an opportunity to interact in a fun and relaxed environment. Members from different sororities would be paired up, thereby finding themselves having to work together to plan and lead academic and athletic activites for the faculty and staff’s children during the event. The facilitators produced a background information packet as well as a “How-To” packet in the hopes that it will help future organizers. The project must be presented for the approval of the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life as well as the Panhellenic Council.


Jake Muehlbaur and DesaRae Myers Seminar Intern’04

Binder #: 22
Passion: Youth
Organization: Heartland Headstart

Project Title: “Project Heartland Headstart”


Project Summary: Our goal is to analyze the data for all 4 year old students at Heartland Headstart. We hope to complete a significant amount of analysis…we not only have to locate and analyze the relevant data, but we must also determine how to best organize the data. Therefore, our primary goal is to set up a template to be used by future volunteers. Future volunteers will be able to build upon our work in order to continue assisting Heartland Head Start. Muehlbaur and Myers tracked the relevant data and proceded to make a presentation that demonstrates the proficiency levels of the children. While doing so, they also discovered that there was a discrepancy in proficiency levels between students of different ethnic backgrounds. The students believe that efforts should be made to focus on getting the different ethnic groups to be on par with the rest.


Bridget Mudron, Elizabeth Towers, and Susie Walter ’06

Binder #: 21
Major: Political Science
Passion: Hispanic Community
Organization: Heartland Headstart

Project Title: “Heartland Headstart Hispanic-Friendly Resource Guide”

Project Summary: Susie Walter took on the initiative to create a Hispanic-Friendly Resource Guide (begun by Bridget Mudron and Elizabeth Towers in 2004 for HH) during her spring internship at Heartland Headstart in 2006. Heartland Headstart is a program dedicated to providing preschool education to children from low-income families. Heartland Headstart’s multicultural programs would “enable [children] to develop an awareness of, respect for, and appreciation of individual culture.” While the needs of Hispanic families were assessed and resources were updated and publicized, there was still a schism between the English and Spanish speakers in the program. There was not sufficient, adequate translation and interpretation for many of the programs and event. Susie Walter, during her internship, provided interpretation during home visits, phone calls, classes,etc. She also translated many of the HH documents into Spanish. She does indicate however, that she was unable to get to them all and that there would be a need to have them revised and checked for grammer and syntax. This is a future goal, along with the continuation of the Hispanic-Friendly Resource Guide, and increased interaction between the teachers and staff and the Hispanic families.


Brittany Morrison Internship’09

Binder #: 20
Major: Political Science
Passion: Housing, Education
Organization: Prairie State Legal Services

Project Title: Spring Internship with Prairie State Legal Services

Project Summary: Brittany Morrison worked with Prairie State Legal Services to conduct a presentation to community stakeholders on “Foreclosures in Today’s Legal and Economic Environment. Prairie State Legal Services is an organization who provides legal services to low-income residents. Brittany’s presentation focused on national, state, and local foreclosure rates as well as explaining the ins-and-outs of foreclosure law. Brittany also helped organize the Second Annual Socratic Challenge, a trivia fundraiser for Prairie State Legal Services held at the Den at Fox Creek in Bloomington.


Kyle Duffie Internship’05

Binder #: 19
Passion: Food Justice, Environmental Sustainability
Organization:  Spence Farms Foundation, Old House Society

Project Title: Spence Farms

Project Summary: Kyle Duffie worked with Spence Farm Foundation whose mission is to historically preserve the oldest farm in Livingston County as well as to provide education and awareness of environmentally sound farming practices. Kyle helped write a grant to the Illinois Humanities Council for a video project that provides education on the heritage, history, trades, alternative farmining, and natural areas that are unique to Central Illinois. This project was in collaboration with the Old House Society that preserves 50+ year-old neighborhoods, buildings, and landscapes in the local community. This project was geared towards youth in multiple school districts in the area.


Danny Burke Internship’08

Binder #: 18
Major: Enviromental Studies
Passion: Food Justice
Organization: Downtown Bloomington Association, Heartland Local Food Network

Project Title: “Growing Food Justice in West Bloomington IL”

Project Summary: I interned with the Heatland Local Food Network and the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market to implement a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly food stamps) at the farmers market. I also worked with the Downtown Bloomington Association, which is the organization that runs and sponsors the farmers market. My project for Enviromental Studies senior seminar entitled “Growing Food Justice in West Bloomington IL” identified several policies to improve the food security of West Bloomington including: expanding the community garden, attracting a grocery store, and implementing SNAP at the farmers market. I chose to focus on SNAP to continue the work of my Enviromental Studies senior seminar.


Hayley Strege Internship’08

Binder #: 17
Major: Sociology and Hispanic Studies
Passion: Education, Human Rights, Youth
Organization: Heartland Head Start

Project Title: “Upward and Equal”

Project Summary: I primarily worked with one bilingual preschool class, but also partnered with one of the Family Resource Advisors (FRAs – essentially social case workers) in meeting families’ needs. THerefore, the mixture of social service agency, educative facility, and one-on-one interactins with children and families was just what I was looking for to combine the interests reflective of my majors.


Bevin Cowie CPP Intern’09



Binder #: 16
Major: Sociology
Passion: Education
Organization: East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging

Project Summary:At the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging I was charged with developing, marketing, and hosting a senior focus radio show. In December of 2008, the West Bloomington Task Force published a document entitled “Senior Needs and Assets Assessment.” During their study, the WBTF found many seniors voiced their desire to have a community based radio show or television program to fill the void they felt existed in communication mediums for events and subjects relevant to their interests and the way they preferred to receive their news. In the Enterprise Internet Solutions department of State Farm, I worked on creating the architecture for an idea management work flow for the department. I ran meetings with ten members of the department to fully construct the first step in the work flow, idea management. We discussed current idea inputs and processes for evaluating ideas in each business area of EIS, the best structure for an idea evaluation team and their roles and responsibilities, and a flow chart for Idea Management. I created all of the supplementing documentation.


Molly Bisulca, Olivia Campbell, Lauren James Seminar Interns’09

Binder #: 15
Major: Environmental Studies
Passion: Enviromental Sustainability
Organization: Downtown Bloomington Association, Small Business Recycling Group

Project Title: Small Business Recycling Project

Project Summary: Our mission as members of the Small Business Recycling Group was to update the recycling program for small businesses in Downtown Bloomington. Allied Waste offered us the option of six to eight bins to be placed at prime recycling locations. We conducted surveys and gathered information from small business owners and communty members downtown in order to determine interest and overall opinion of neccessity for a recycling program; we also determinded which businesses would be willing to pay for a recycling program and how much they would be willing to pay. We aimed to garner enough support from downtown business owners to get the DBA to take this project on. In the end, we found that many downtown businesses were itnerested in the program; as such, the DBA will continue to solicit businesses for participation in order to achieve the monthly payment of $400.


Aaron Massey CPP Intern’10


Binder #: 14
Major: Sociology
Passion: Enviromental Sustainability, Food Justice
Organization: Westside Development Task Force

Project Summary: I interned in Human Resources Enterprise Recruiting and Retention at State Farm. The goal of my team was to create tools that allow for zones to effectively recruit talent. Along with that, we also created tools and programs tot retain employees. Over my time at State Farm, I created a template to update the State Farm website, I helped coordinate a career fair for Howard University interns, I provided feedback to a training system tht resulted in a short term tool to satisfy the business need, and created and presented a proposal that is going to affect State Farm enterprise-wide. I was also partnered with the Westside Development Task Force. Our mission is to revitalize the West Bloomingotn area in numerous aspects including beautification, housing, economics, safety, and youth services. THe main project I was involved in is the Community Garden. I helped create a flyer that would go out to the residents of West Bloomington to gain interest in short and long term participation with this project. I also created a PowerPoint that sums up what the project is about, ways it can potentially affect the community, things to be catious of, and ways of leveraging the project into something that can help the neighborhoods in many ways. I have also met with numerous people form the City of Bloomington to get the garden started.


Heidi Adams CPP Intern’08


american red cross heartland

Binder #: 13
Major: Sociology
Passion: Education, Enviromental Sustainability
Organization: American Red Cross of the Heartland


Project Summary: At State Farm, I worked in Public Affairs on the Green Team Initiative. I worked on a large variety of projects, but the majority were focused on internal and external communication of the Green Initiative. Basically, State Farm is pretty green and has been working on it for a while, but nobody knows about it, so I was trying to fix that problem. I gave many presentations to a variety of groups (ranging from interns to senior employees) about State Farm’s Green Initiatives. My non-profit assignment was the American Red Cross of the Heartland in Bloomington. I created a Community Disaster Education for Renters program. I started with a student survey and lots of research to find out what information people are missing when it comes to renting property. I ended up creating brochures, curriculums, gave presentations, and began the plans for a Renters Awareness Week that would (hopefully) occur in October 2008.


Allison Hartford CPP Intern’08

Binder #: 12
Passion: Education
Organization: East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging

Project Summary: I worked in the Property and Casualty Actuarial at State Farm, and at the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging (ECIAAA) in the community. In the Actuarial department I worked on a countrywide pricing project, where I updated and analyzed data on off-road vehicles that is used to determine whether the department should propose a rate change for 2009. I also worked with the competition unit to assemble an electronic library of homeowners coverages for the top five insurance companies in Wisconsin, Washington, and Florida. Firthermore, I assisted my supervisor with smaller administrative tasks, such as preparing a spreddsheet with rate change proposals for our Vice President and identifying trends in the department budget for further consideration. At ECIAAA, I worked with my supervisor and the Illinois Pioneer Coalition to research cutural changes in nursing homes. In addition to this research, I was responsible for expanding our network by updating and adding to a database of contact information with other individuals and organizations that are involved with this campaign. I also worked with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) program to assist seniors who were eligible for the 2007 Federal Economic Stimulus Payment, but had not yet filed a tax return. For another project, I created an information brochure about fraud and phishing scams that target senior citizens. Finally, I worked with my supervisor at the Action Research Center to design another internship position at ECIAAA that would be open to IWU students during the 2008-2009 school year.


Katy Buoscio CPP Intern’10


american red cross heartland

Binder #: 11
Major: International Studies
Passion: Education
Organization:American Red Cross of the Heartland

Project Summary: I was placed with the Multicultural Business Development Group, or MBDG for short, at State Farm. We focused on the African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Women market segments of State Farm. I worked primarily on the Hispanic young adult initiatives, helping create a video and organize a group of individuals who give great insight into this area. The theme of my project at the American Red Cross of the Heatland was to reorganize and reengergize the chapter for, behind, and about youth. I helped create a brochure hghlighting all of the current free class options for youth in the community, and helped push the communication through hand-outs and updates on the website. We also recruited and created an annual plan for a teen club. Finally, I helped plan the Volunteer Day which connected other non-Wesleyan interns at State Farm to the American Red Cross.