Apr 192018

Elizabeth was recently promoted to Associate  Executive & Director of Digital Marketing for Association Acumen, LLC where she serves as Executive Director for the Minnesota Academy of PAs and Associate Executive Director for the Automotive Fleet & Leasing  Association. She recently earned her Ceritified Association Executive (CAE) credential.

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Apr 162018

Kristina Mahr ’09 wrote the novel entitled  All That We See or Seem that is to be published May 15, 2018 by Uncommon Universes Press.

“Every night, seventeen-year-old Reeve Lennox finds herself under a noose. By day she is a lady of Acarsaid’s royal house, daydreaming of adventure and love. But every night in sleep she wanders through a nightmarish city, an invisible witness to the screeches of monsters and the screams of their victims. Her only consolation is Bran, a battle-torn young man with a selfless heart and eyes that reflect the stars.Yet while Reeve falls deeper into her dreams, in truth she is engaged to Arden, a mercurial nobleman who has long been cured of his belief in love and breathes fire and flattery like other people breathe air.
Torn between two lives, Reeve struggles to remember what’s real. Until night and day collide, with a revelation that threatens all of Acarsaid”

For more information visit : www.kristinamahr.com

Congratulations, Kristina!

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Apr 162018

Elizabeth (Sowatzke) Schlicht ’09 was recently promoted to Associate Executive & Director of Digital Marketing for Association Acumen, LLC where she serves as Executive Director for the Minnesota Academy of PA’s and Associate Executive Director for the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association. Schlicht recently earned her Ceritified Association Executive (CAE) credential.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

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Apr 022018

Tuesday, April 3rd is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is
Think Bigger! 
Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.  Last year, our class had an impressive 46 donors, and we contributed $3,285. Let’s think bigger and surpass last year’s donors and dollars contributed! Think of the impact this can make for IWU students and their families!

Click here to learn more and to donate on Tuesday, April 3rd.
Help spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan and take advantage of our social media toolkit.

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Jan 222018

How well do you know Illinois Wesleyan University?
4. Eric
5. Stevenson
7. Powell
8. Sapientia
10. State
12. Hedding
13. Black
15. Aflame
1. Japan
2. Illinois
3. Memorial
6. Tommy
9. Titan
11. Female
14. Park

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Jan 112018

David Barlow ’09 completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program.  He works in wealth management at Morgan Stanley on a team with Todd Barlow ’79.

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Dec 122017

The spirit of giving is all around us this holiday season, please consider giving the gift of bright futures to current and future Illinois Wesleyan University students. Your gifts provide opportunities and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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