Nov 182021

Shelby Kottemann ’14 recently published her first book, Evolution of a Soul, with Willow Tree Press. The story follows Allie, “a young lady with a big and open heart.” The book is available on Amazon and will soon be sold through Barnes & Noble.

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Nov 022021

William Frank ’14 started his new job on October 6th as a Custodian in the Physical Plant at Illinois Wesleyan. Congratulations!

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Oct 182021

Mike Heaton ’14 and his wife Kalene welcomed their daughter, Chelsea, into the world on October 20, 2020. A belated congratulations to the parents!

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May 172021

Laura (Woodsmall) Hardisty ’14 and Huntington Hardisty welcomed their child, Judah Everett Hardisty into their family on April 8, 2020. A delayed congratulations to them!

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May 172021
Congratulations to Brad Gresik ’14 who founded an election-technology startup called Tally Up, which provides predictive voter analytics & strategies for down ballot elections. For the 2020 cycle, his team of himself and 3 San Francisco based data scientists partnered with over 25 campaigns ranging from large municipality races to state general assemblies.
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Feb 052021

Monday, February 8 is Thank-A-Giver Day at Illinois Wesleyan and we’re eager to celebrate generous Titans!

Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day is the symbolic point during the academic year — about 70% of the way through — when tuition dollars are exhausted and Illinois Wesleyan relies on donor generosity to continue providing a world-class education and rewarding collegiate experiences.

Each and every year, every gift matters. Contributions benefit students and faculty, enhance academic excellence, and strengthen the IWU community.

Thank you to all who give back to move IWU forward.

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May 072020

Thank you to Melissa Ramirez ’14, who spoke on January 20th to faculty and staff about her experience as a Latina on IWU’s predominantly white campus. This year, IWU had MLK Day off and faculty and staff utilized the day for professional development. 

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