Jan 302018
Hey! Happy New Year, Titans!
Sorry that this took a month to get to you, but if you, like me, have survived the polar start of 2018, you may just be warming up! Here’s hoping that you have weathered the storms of life, and are doing well. I want to remind you that winter has about six weeks left, soon it will be Spring. So be encouraged, take heart and keep up the good work. Before you know it those harbingers of Spring will appear, the days have already begun to get longer. Then, Spring will  have sprung! So take care, my friends, I will chat with you soon.
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Jan 232018

IWU class of 1977 alumni Herb and Susan Getz – both from families with deep roots in Carroll County – created a scholarship to help students afford the educational investment. After graduating from Illinois Wesleyan, Herb went on to earn his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and since 2001, he has served as president of Aspen Creek Partners, a residential design-build firm in Naperville, Illinois.

“Susan and I are both kids of working class parents,” said Getz, who serves as a vice chair on the IWU Board of Trustees. “We both absolutely needed scholarship help to attend Illinois Wesleyan. We’ve been very fortunate – largely because of our Illinois Wesleyan education – to have the resources to give back.”

The $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to an Illinois Wesleyan student who performs well in the classroom, shows demonstrated need, and lives in northwestern Illinois, preferably from Jo Daviess, Carroll, Whiteside or Stephenson counties.

You can read more here.

Tristan Fox ’18 and Heather (Prasse) Calkins ’16 stand with Herb Getz ’77 on IWU quad.

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Jan 222018

How well do you know Illinois Wesleyan University?
4. Eric
5. Stevenson
7. Powell
8. Sapientia
10. State
12. Hedding
13. Black
15. Aflame
1. Japan
2. Illinois
3. Memorial
6. Tommy
9. Titan
11. Female
14. Park

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Jan 112018
Marilynn Graves ’79 at MJGInsights has partnered with Genos International to offer organizations powerful emotional intelligence presentations, assessments and coaching programs.
Genos International Partners help professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, authenticity, leadership and resilience. Services are available at the individual, team and leadership levels.
Organizations around the globe use Genos International assessment programs to improve team dynamics, leadership development, employee engagement, sales performance, customer service and more.
Deiric McCann, Head of International for Genos said, “We are proud that MJGInsights and its Principal, Marilynn Graves, have chosen to partner with Genos, their particular expertise in building and executing Young Professional and Emerging Leader development programs aligns well with our mission.“
Genos International Partners are changing the way people work and are helping to create more productive, profitable and harmonious workplaces worldwide.  Partner success has been through the application of Genos International’s Emotional Intelligence assessments, which are unique in the way they not only report upon how people ‘show up’ in the workplace, but also in how they provide specific guidance on how people and organizations can improve the results they achieve.
For more information about Genos International offerings and services: genosinternational.com
For more about MJG Insights, contact Marilynn at mjginsights@gmail.com.
Congratulations and good luck, Marilynn!
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Dec 132017

Don Wright ’73, age 66, tragically passed away of a sudden heart attack on Nov. 23rd. Thanksgiving evening, at his home in Arvada, CO. He played basketball at Illinois Wesleyan University for 4 years. You can view his obituary here

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Dec 012017
J.T. Dozier ’78, Doris Spencer Sanders ’78 and Tom Gooding ’11 recently appeared in the Quincy Community Theatre production of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. J.T. portrayed Professor Higgins, Doris portrayed Mrs. Webb and Tom portrayed George Gibbs.

Congratulations to all three on a great show!
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Nov 302017

I’d like to echo Steve’s  comments. This time of year, most of us are deluged with appeals from worthy causes. In addition, many of us volunteer with nonprofit organizations that play vital roles in our local communities. But a gift to Illinois Wesleyan is different, because higher education is different–it’s an investment in the future of our greater society and our global community. Strong alumni support sends a personal message to today’s students who are walking the same pathways you did. Please consider a gift to IWU as part of your year-end giving plans.

Nov 282017

Homecoming has come and gone, and Thanksgiving just sprinted by. As I write this it is Giving Tuesday, a day devoted to giving either time or money to those in need. It is also a good time to think about tax time. What is the best way to give and save a few bucks early next year? Give a donation to the school that provided us with the skills to be successful, Illinois Wesleyan University. Have a great holiday season.

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