Aug 212017

Hello Titans!

These are some exciting times, in which we live. Thirty-eight years ago, in 1978, I was 26 years old. That was the year of the last total solar eclipse. I made a pin-hole viewer out of an old shoebox and took a look, for myself. Tomorrow, I will be blessed to witness another one, this time with special protective sunglasses. Maybe you remember your last solar eclipse, I sure hope so. This time you may have children or grandchildren to share in the excitement. Not to mention being in a whole new century, this time. Take care and enjoy!

As summer winds to a close, and ushers in autumn, please take the time to reflect and count your many blessings, my fellow Titans. I hope that you can look forward and see many more of them ahead. I trust that your summer included some vacation time, some respite, and a little discovery. Nature will soon unfold its season of many colors, autumn. Coming this fall, and every fall is homecoming at Illinois Wesleyan. I hope that you, like me, are planning to come home. There is simply nothing as grand as walking across the QUAD under the shade of the many magnificent trees.

As we get closer to October 13th, homecoming weekend, I will share more information with you. You should have already received your postcard reminder, which previewed the weekend’s events. One pretty special celebration is the 25th anniversary of the Minority Alumni Network, M.A.N. for short. There will be a Saturday, evening gala beginning at 8pm in Hansen on Saturday, October 14th. Please, plan to attend, if you do not have a class dinner. We would be glad to have you share in our celebration.

Well, I have to run now, no not literally! (smile) Talk to you again, soon.

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Debbie Burt-Frazier, August 20, 2017

Aug 092017

Patrick Drazen (’74) has recently had his third book published by Hamilton Press. Titled “Holy Anime! Japan’s View of Christianity”, it examines Christianity’s status as a minority religion in Japan and the liberties that are taken in portraying it in manga (comic books) and anime (cartoons). Congratulations, Patrick!



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Jul 282017

William Carey (‘73) recently published a book of illustrations and haiku, A Ghost Walking Through a Dream: a curious collection of haiku and illustrations. William who has made his living as both as a graphic designer and fine artist, began writing haiku 20 years ago commuting on the train into Chicago. He then began combining the haiku and the illustrations which now populate the book. He shows his work at galleries and reads his poetry at the Raue Theater in Crystal Lake, IL. The book is available at Congratulations, William!

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Jul 142017
William “Dave” Beadles, ’75, is in his 34th year as an agent for State Farm in Colorado Springs and recently completed his 7th Professional Designation, AAMS or Accredited Asset Management Specialist.
Dave is also entering his third summer as a “VIP” (Volunteer in Park) at Rocky Mountain National Park. Congratulations on all your recent successes, Dave!
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May 232017
Melissa Bailey ’75 joins the new cast of David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks 2017. The first of 18 episodes airs on Showtime Sunday May 21st and the part was written especially for her after the initial interview taping. A return to the wild and wonderful World of Twin Peaks.
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