Mar 062018

We are sad to inform you that Ruth (Adams) Thornton ’45 passed away on February 28th, 2015 at the age of 91 in Tracy, CA after battling Alzheimer’s for nine years.

Ruth lived in Danville, Illinois from birth until 1963 when she moved to Anaheim, CA. The move to Anaheim was a huge sacrifice by Ruth and Chuck which was prompted by their strong desire to improve the education of their sons who were facing the prospects of many budget cuts in the Danville School District. Ruth was employed by the Anaheim Union High School District as a Media Specialist for 17 years. Prior to moving to Anaheim, she was an employee of Palmer American National Bank in Danville, IL for 8 years.

Her most important responsibility and the one she took the most pride in, was her job as a mom and grandma! Ruth was an avid sports fan. She was a long time season ticket holder of the Angels Baseball Team while residing in Southern California. She also stayed close to her roots by being a passionate football and basketball fan of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. Her greatest enthusiasm was saved for the basketball teams her sons coached and all the teams that her grandkids played on. She was famous for being the first “fan” to arrive at almost every game her family members participated in. Ruth also cherished her many visits to Disneyland where her husband Chuck was employed for over 20 years. It brought her much joy throughout the years to share the Disney experience with her sons and grandchildren. She particularly enjoyed a once in a life-time family trip to Disney World in Orlando.

Read Ruth’s full obituary here.

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Mar 052018

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Helen Katrine Vercler, 92 of Chenoa, passed away at 7:30 pm, Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at her residence in Chenoa.

After graduating from Wisconsin Rapids High School, Helen moved to Central Illinois and entered the three-year Cadet Nurse program at Brokaw School of Nursing at IWU. Helen spent many years working in the nursing profession in a variety of settings including office nursing for Dr. R.L. Oyer in Chenoa; the Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community and several positions in hospitals in Urbana, Pontiac and Fairbury.

Helen enjoyed the written word and was a dedicated writer of family history and her own life experiences.  She was also an amateur artist having completed many paintings in oils and watercolor and enjoyed several types of craftwork. She also served as a member of the Chenoa United Methodist Church for over 60 years.

Helen will be missed by all those whose lives she touched.

Read her full obituary here.


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Mar 022018

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of John W. Remo M.D. on February 14th, 2018 at the age of 81.

John served as an officer in the United States Navy as a LTJG from 1962 to 1965 in both San Francisco and San Diego. He then went on to complete his medical internship and residency in radiology at the University of Michigan in 1971, becoming board certified in 1972. During this time he met his beloved wife, Jean, who was a nurse educator at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn Heights, MI. They were married  in St. Paul, MN and on completion of his residency, moved to West Lafayette in 1971.

Starting at the Arnett Clinic, in Lafayette, IN, John began his diagnostic radiology practice. He later moved to Home Hospital in Lafayette where he was a devoted practitioner for over 30 years. He attempted to retire in 2001, and admitting to have “flunked retirement,” returned to part time employment, beginning at Tipton County Memorial Hospital, and as of December 2017, was working at Logansport Memorial Hospital. It was his joy to apply his many gifts in selfless service to others. He was alsoan avid reader, crossword puzzle aficionado, loved to share his many life stories, and hada true passion for the wonder of cinema.

John was a longtime member on the Board of Trustees at Illinois Wesleyan University. He also loved to cook and shared his skills leading and serving on the Bereavement Meal Committee at Covenant Church. A member of Covenant for more than 40 years, John was actively involved in the Missions Committee for over a decade. During these years he developed a fondness for the Orucho Hills Worship Center in Western Kenya and it’s pastor Peter Onyango. This ministry serves 5 churches in a rural area and 16 small group Bible studies. Once John and Jean moved to Westminster Village, John became involved with the Vespers Committee where he had been joyfully serving for the last six years.

John will be dearly missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Read his full obituary here:

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Feb 272018

We remember the following alumni who have passed and celebrate their lives.

George Allison ’51 – 12/30/17, Robert Banta ’51 – 8/25/16, Nancy Carroll ’54 – 12/27/16, Rev. Richard Chrisman ’53 – 1/13/17, Franklyn Davis ’51 – 11/20/17, Earl Ehresman ’53 – 8/9/17, Robert Gipson, Sr. ’50 – 5/8/17, Kenneth Keene ’58 – 3/12/17, Leonard Kesl ’53 – 11/24/12, Roma (Doehring) Knuth ’53 – 12/19/17, Gordon Leinwand ’59 – 8/15/17, Raymond Lotz ’52 – 12/23/14, Joyce (Rieg) Luciani ’55 -11/18/16, Rose (Stock) Lundquist ’52 – 12/2/17, Patricia (Haner) Macdonald ’59 – 9/29/14, Elizabeth (Halfyard) McIntosh ’54 – 12/15/17, Harry Mehl ’50 – 8/22/17, Henry Mendenhall ’54 – 8/14/17, Roderick Myshrall ’52 – 2/2/13, Linda (Wulff) Norton ’59 -10/27/17, Carol (Kling) Preikschat ’52 – 5/11/17, Barbara (Scott) Price ’50 – 9/18/17,  Bissesssarnat Ramcharan ’54 – 3/3/15, Frank Rorabach ’59 – 2/16/15, James Schroeck ’57 – 1/21/15,  Catherine (Carson) Sherrard ’51 – 10/16/16, Rev. Mary (Logan) Siders ’57 – 5/6/17, Kenneth Single, D.D.S. ’55 – 11/30/16, Colonel James Swinney, U.S.M.C. Ret. ’53 – 9/12/17, Ronald Weeden ’56 – 9/22/16

If an obituary was found online, we have made an individual post to remember those alumni. You can search by name in the right of your class newsletter.

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Feb 232018

We remember the following alumni who have passed and celebrate their lives.

Bert Bigham ’42 – 4/4/17, Doris (Haynes) Chiado ’45 – 6/1/16, Constance (Sigler) Coomer ’48 – 8/6/17, Robert Dinius, Ph.D. ’49 – 7/27/12, Colonel James Freda ’40 – 4/27/17, Dean Izatt ’41 – 12/5/17, Edgar King ’49 – 2/4/17, John Miller ’45 – 1/29/17, Helen (Zick) Olson ’47 – 7/21/17, Roger Rasmussen ’44 – 5/4/17, Fred Reed, III ’40 – 1/1/16, Mary (Sargent) Theole ’49 – 9/28/17, Alice (Kraft) Williams ’44 – 12/7/16, Frank Zern ’49 – 6/25/16

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Feb 162018

We are deeply sorry to announce that Donald Maxwell Forkner ’58 passed away at home on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017.

Donald served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve from 1959-1965. He moved to Madison in 1969, and began working for WISCO Industries in Oregon, Wis. He retired as Sales and Marketing VP from WISCO after being with the company 41 years. Donald was a long-time member of Midvale Community Lutheran Church where he sang in the choir. He was active in and President of Sales and Market Executives. Don was a member of Nakoma Golf Club for 35+ years. He was a member of Zor Shrine, and the Royal Order of Jesters. In the Masonic Organizations he served on a number of Boards and Foundations.

Throughout Don’s life he enjoyed reading and learning, photography, music, dancing, traveling and spending time with his family and friends. In 2013, he and Bonny retired to Green Valley, Ariz., where they enjoyed the sunshine, mountain views, bird watching, a more relaxed lifestyle, and the many wonderful new friends that they made. He joined a very welcoming golf group, the BRAVO’S, and spent many enjoyable days on the links with this special group of friends.

Read his full obituary here:

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Jan 232018

We are deeply sorry to announce that Marilyn (Hubble) Ryan ’50 passed away suddenly on January 7, 2018. During her time at IWU, Marilyn was an active member of the IWU Kappa Delta sorority where she forged many friendships that have lasted a lifetime. She taught home economics in Illinois before starting her own family. Marilyn’s kindness and infectious good humor will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Read her full obituary here:

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