Mauna Kea-Summit & Stars

Last night, we had an amazing experience! We went to the summit of Mauna Kea! We watched the sunset, had an astronomy presentation, looked through high-powered telescopes, and stargazed.

The terrain in this area is moon-like. So much so, that NASA tests the moon rovers in this area. We summited to 14,000 feet to watch the sunset. Many countries have telescopes in this area, and our guide explained each one.

This area is sacred and altars lie at the summit.

We were treated to seeing the Southern Cross constellation, not visible in Illinois. Our guide showed some basics stars important for traditional sea travel before our high-tech equipment.

A fantastic way to close our amazing travel course! A Hui Ho, Hawaii Islands! (Until we meet again!)

McKinna & Claire, our two Junior Nursing majors.
Sunset at the summit!
Fantastic photo bomb!!! Love this shot.
Pele’s sister, Hi’iaka, greets us.
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North Hawai’i Community Hospital

Today, we toured North Hawaii Community Hospital.

This hospital blends Native Hawaiian practices with Western Medicine. Read the photo captions to learn more about the information we learned on our tour! Liana Iaea Honda, Director of Native Hawaiian Health Services at the hospital, gave the tour and presentation. We’re grateful for her time and energy, sharing her culture and history.

Liana shares the history of health care on the island.
Imaging Department 🤙
Liana narrates our tour.
Hand-stitched quilt representing the Noni plant.
Lucy Henriques
Traditional ways mural. Clean water, not money, is a measure of wealth.
Skylights, windows, and gardens are critical to the healing process.
Students walk the labyrinth outside the hospital.
Claire, Emily, and McKinna assist with offering Oshibori (hot towels)with aromatherapy.
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