Spring Semester 2012!

Hello SALSA Members! Hope you all had an amazing break filled with plenty of excitement and down-time as well! Now that our first full week of classes will be beginning soon, we just want to wish you all good luck, stay healthy and keep your sleep schedules in check!

Also, most IMPORTANTLY, we hope for you to join us at SALSA’s FIRST MEETING of the Spring Semseter!

We will meet on January 11th, Wednesday at 7PM. Location will be posted as soon as it is confirmed on our IWU SALSA Facebook Page here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000770288221

We hope to see you there! And keep an eye out for informational fliers regarding SALSA meetings and events around campus as well!

Thank you!

SALSA Shindig Recap!

Hola SALSeros! For everyone who was able to make it to last night’s SALSA Shindig at the MC House, a big thank you to you! The new SALSA Executive Board was announced. Afterwards the former SALSA Exec Board and Nancy, treated our members to some yummy goodies! Some of which included flan, ice cream, cookies, chips, soda, pie, and even a delicious cake! We proceeded to stuff ourselves while watching the film “Stand and Deliver”. We hope to see more and more of you attending our meetings! It means a lot to us and we love to see you and hear what you think we as a club should do to get the SALSA name out there!

Congratulations to our new SALSA Executive Board!!

President – Melissa Ramirez

Vice President – Hillary Anderson

Treasurer – Vanessa Rodriguez

SALSA Representatives – Jairo Rosales and Nathalie Macias

Secretary – Joanna Balcerzak

Public Relations – Audrey Ito

Good luck with finals and have a wonderful Winter Break!

SALSA Potluck Recap

SALSA Members partaking in the feast provided with love!

Hello SALSeros! I hope you are all ready for an amazing Thanksgiving Break! Though long overdue, for those of you who weren’t able to attend, here is a small recap of the SALSA Potluck that took place on November 2nd in the lovely MC House/Center! There was scrumptious food such as spaghetti, cheese and beans, spicy rice, arroz con leche, flan, potstickers, and other delicious treats. Besides the food and lively people, there was a showing of the film “Selena” as a cap off to the night!

A huge “Thank you!” to everyone who attended and brought food! It was delicious!

We hope to see and hear from you all in the coming meetings/events!

Stay tuned for what SALSA may come up with next!


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SALSA meets every Wednesday at 7pm in CNS E102!

Come join us!

Also, dont forget to browse through our FB page for pictures and event invites!



Stay tuned for our next event!