All In for Wesleyan

Naming Rights for All

Gifts to the Wesleyan Fund support student financial assistance and also the little, but essential, things that create the Illinois Wesleyan experience. As part of this year's All In For Wesleyan, we are celebrating these little essentials – the unsung heroes. Donors to All In were randomly drawn for naming rights to the following campus items for a limited time.*
*Like annual gifts, naming rights expire on July 31 -- the end of the fiscal year...but internet photos last forever.
WESN microphone
Chris ’08 and Ingrid ’07 Burrichter met at IWU and were drawn for this item. They chose to engrave “The Burrichters” to include Chris’s brother Doug ’15 who is a current DJ at WESN and father Steve ’70 who helped found WESN during his time on campus. The Burrichters have always had ties to IWU and WESN…and that’s especially clear today.
Saga Chair
Some of the best college memories, friendships, and relationships take root right here in the Bertholff Commons. For the Titan who’s wondering if their crush is making eyes at them in the omelet line, let the Jennifer ’01 & Michael ’01 Sorrow chair serve as proof that casual conversation at Saga can lead to one of the few things in life that’s better than your chicken nuggets.
The Hot Spot
While we still don’t know exactly what it is, we now know what to call it. The Cathi (Weglewski) Swint ’75 Hot Spot will continue to provide students with the coziest slab of cement on campus.
Cereal Scoop
Cereal simply tastes better when scooped from a large bin. But cereal scooped with the Elizabeth Avery ’13 scoop is sweetened with generosity and is beyond comparison.
Buck Cubicles
Studying can be lonely, but comfort came along when bunk-bed technology was brought to cubicles at Buck Library. As students head into finals week, they’ll take comfort knowing that classmates above and below are sharing their pain…and students will now associate the camaraderie of stacked studying with Dana (Jurgens) Moran ’98.
Aphrodite’s Head
The next time you attend a production at the School of Theatre Arts give a shout out to Kathleen Hurta ’02, recipient of the Aphrodite Head naming right, and the many alumni and friends supporters of the phenomenal performances that serve as a launching pad for many Titans.
Practice Field Bridge
Back in the day, football players walked through water and uphill both ways to get to and from practice. But thanks to donors like Nick Iovino ’07, Illinois Wesleyan continues to improve year after year.
Pfeiffer Mailboxes
Michael ’86 & Teresa ’90 Welch are both IWU alumni and understand the excitement that comes in finding the “You’ve Got a Package!” slip in a college mailbox. Though they can’t take credit for the care package that arrives, they help remind us that donors play a role in every exciting moment on campus.

Titans meet and exceed all challenges!

2,238 alumni and friends pulled together to raise $599,000 for IWU in one day!
  • Kickoff Challenge

    An anonymous donor matched the first $75,000 received!

  • Participation Challenge

    Titans unlocked $20,000 from Ed Phelps '62 after crossing the 750 gift threshold!

  • Participation Challenge Round 2

    Randy Reed '73 gave $50 for the next 500 gifts.

  • Matching Gift Challenge

    An alumnus from the class of '74 matched $50,000 in gifts to close the day!

Titans from around the world were All In For Wesleyan on April 9!

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# IWU Name It

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