Apr 022018

Tuesday, April 3rd is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is
Think Bigger! 
Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.  Last year, our class had an impressive 43 donors, let’s try for 50 this year!  We contributed $2985. Our goal this year is $3500! Think of the impact this can make for IWU students and their families!

Click here to learn more and to donate on Tuesday, April 3rd.
Help spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan and take advantage of our social media toolkit.

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Mar 072018

Katie Salo (’06) served on the 2018 Randolph Caldecott Award committee. The winner this year is Matthew Cordell for his book Wolf in the Snow. The committee chose four honor books as well. They are: Big Cat, little cat by Elisha Cooper, Crown illustrated by Gordon C. James and written by Derrick Barnes, A Different Pond illustrated by Thi Bui and written by Bao Phi, and Grand Canyon by Jason Chin. The awards will be given in June at the American Library Assocation’s Annual conference.

Details on the award/ award winner, and a link to more about the award and the selection process can be found here.

Congratulations to Katie on this awesome achievement!

Feb 272018
Kyle Brigham ’06 is the Director of Client Relations at Marcel Digital and was recently featured in an article entitled ‘How To Turn Your Clients Into New Business Machines”  from Forbes Magazine online. The article details the many methods that businesses can use to make adjustments to their marketing efforts, as well as shift to focus more on current client relationships to acquire more new businesses. Brigham offers his two cents on the art of digital marketing as a form of demonstrating value to existing clients from an agency standpoint, “If paid search is driving the right converting customers and it is currently limited by budget, showing an increase of X for a projected result of Y can be a great way to show the value of an increase. Sometimes an agency will find that the data gives it a complete no-brainier choice to present to the client in that it would be insane not to move forward with an opportunity.”
Congratulations on being featured, Kyle, and thanks for the advice!

Check out the full article from Forbes.com here.

Jan 222018

How well do you know Illinois Wesleyan University?
4. Eric
5. Stevenson
7. Powell
8. Sapientia
10. State
12. Hedding
13. Black
15. Aflame
1. Japan
2. Illinois
3. Memorial
6. Tommy
9. Titan
11. Female
14. Park

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Nov 302017

Heather Geeser ’06 married Andy Huftalin on September 23, 2017 in Winnebago, IL.

IWU alums in attendance (left to right): Ricky Taranda ’05, Katie (da Ponte) Taranda ’06, Tod Moore ’06, Karli (Wiseman) Moore ’06, me – Heather (Geeser) Huftalin ’06, Andy Huftalin, Kelsey (Gerber) Layton ’06, Rebekah (Clark) Munch ’99, John Munch ’98


Congratulations, Heather and Andy!