Jul 312018

Hannah Bowen ’15 just completed her MSW at the Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development and has been accepted for a prestigious fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center. Yale’s post-MSW Fellowship in Advanced Clinical Social Work provides advanced training for social workers who want to become leaders in the field. 

Here’s a link to an article written about Hannah’s experiences at the Erikson Institute and how she found out she was accepted for the Yale fellowship in the middle of class!
Congratulations, Hannah!
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Jun 182018
Ticket sales are live for the play written by Aaron Harris Woodstein ’15: “The Fires of Nero: Rise of a Dictator” at Stage 773 in Chicago. The play was inspired by a paper Aaron wrote in Dani Synder-Young’s Theatre History class where he argued that one of the prominent characters Seneca wrote a play protesting the despot at the time, Nero. Now Aaron is doing the same as author and lyricist. Two other IWU alumi  are working on the project –  Sam Mullooly ’16 as Composer and Luke McLoughlin ’15 as Music Director.
Join Aaron, Sam, and Luke August 30th through September 9th, 2018. You can find ticket sales and more information about the full production/premiere below:
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May 312018
Emily Potosky ’15 has been accepted into the Medical Dietetics program at Ohio State University and will begin her studies in August.
Congrautluations, Emily!
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Apr 192018
Lisa Mishra ’15 was featured in a Brown Girl Magazine article in which she discussed her music and her identity as an artist. Mirshra collaborated with Jamila Woods on the theme song for the Emmy-nominated web series called “Brown Girls.”

“Mishra writes her thoughts out and composes music that is close to her heart. Her tunes are soulful, yet fun. She is in the process of developing a dream team at the moment and cannot wait to showcase her work in the rest of 2018. As a brown girl who is determined to make her footprint in the industry, both in America and India, she claims that external motivation is her key to success.

When asked about the barriers in the music industry, the young artist states that it is definitely harder as a female, that too, a South Asian one, to pave your path to success. Bollywood’s music industry, on the other hand, is a bit-less sexualized and more merit-based, she thinks. Nevertheless, Mishra is making her mark on YouTube and garnering respect worldwide for her unlimited talent.

Mishra tells brown girls to not think about the reward when are trying to achieve our goals. She truly demonstrates her motto as she mentions that she would like to create an album and she would be just happy that she has completed her first of many goals!”


 Here is a link to the the full interview, and here is a link to the theme song.
Congratulations, Lisa!
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Apr 022018

Tuesday, April 3rd is our day of giving at Illinois Wesleyan and this year’s theme is
Think Bigger! 
Not only is today a day for giving, it’s a day to celebrate IWU and all of the things that make it special.  Last year, our class had an impressive 65 donors, and we contributed $1,458. Let’s think bigger and surpass last year’s donors and dollars contributed! Think of the impact this can make for IWU students and their families!

Click here to learn more and to donate on Tuesday, April 3rd.
Help spread the word using #AllInForWesleyan and take advantage of our social media toolkit.

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Jan 222018

How well do you know Illinois Wesleyan University?
4. Eric
5. Stevenson
7. Powell
8. Sapientia
10. State
12. Hedding
13. Black
15. Aflame
1. Japan
2. Illinois
3. Memorial
6. Tommy
9. Titan
11. Female
14. Park

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Dec 202017
Sneha Subramanian ’15 and Jules (Sen) Wang ’15 created TiffinTown Books EDM, a collection of beautifully illustrated children’s books about women of color.
You can preview their first book here.
You can read more about it here.
Tell the stories of women from all around the world who have made a difference. TiffinTown Books is a collection of beautifully illustrated children’s books about brave women. But that’s not all… The books change the way children read. Subscribe to us yearly and you’ll receive a new book right at your doorstep every month!
TiffinTown Books - Augmented Reality
Using Augmented Reality, the heroine’s come to life. Children can now interact with the characters in our story! Working with Amplified Robots (UK), we will be creating new AR content regularly, so you’ll get to unlock new features for the first few months of each book as we introduce updates, games, and more!
substainable Books

Our beautiful hardcover 64-page books are made of FSI-certified paper AND printed with vegetable ink! It also measures 8.5 x 11 inches (horizontal) – the perfect size for children to hold.

Social Enterprise

For every book we sell, we donate a dollar to charities dedicated to female empowerment and children’s education.

TiffinTown Books - Augmented Reality