Elizabeth Olson ’05

Elizabeth Olson ’05, DC, MSACN (she/they) recently opened Spontaneous Yoga, an online yoga school accessible from anywhere (https://spontaneous.yoga). They teach yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for chronic pain, illness, injury, and trauma. They also lecture on yoga research, anatomy, and physiology for yoga teacher training programs nationally. In addition to teaching at spontaneous.yoga, they teach yoga for Cornell Wellness and practice chiropractic in Ithaca, NY. Congratulations Elizabeth!

Cathy Gilbert ’05

Cathy Gilbert ’05 ‘s My Limbs a Cradle, my Whisper a Song explores motherhood and loss through poems that reveal the bittersweet truths of raising infants and the devastation of losing a parent to dementia. Whether contemplating the stars, stirring soup at the stove, watching a child press their feet to the floor and rise, or stumbling over a mother’s inability to recognize her own daughter, these poems focus on small moments in order to stay grounded through great upheaval. Parent/child relationships reverse and transform as the poet learns how to mother through the slow loss of her own mother and her memories.

The book is currently up for advanced sales through June 14th. You can learn more about it here.

Tim McDonald, Eric Hansen, and Mike Beales ’05

Tim McDonald, Eric Hansen, and Mike Beales ’05 have an annual tradition of attending an IWU bball game at a different stadium each year. They have visited all by two stadiums (North Park, Carroll) in their quest!

Attached is their picture at Wheaton from 1/17/24 where the Titans mounted a beautiful comeback to take the lead with 20 seconds remaining and get the win. Go Titans!

Tim McDonald (left), Eric Hansen (middle) and Mike Beales (right)

Tommy Geary ’05

Tommy Geary ’05 has recently started a new podcast called The Durable Dad which according to Tommy, “teaches listeners brain-based tools that will help them be more productive and less stressed so they can lead at work and be present with their families.”

As for how the podcast started, Tommy says, “The seeds for the Durable Dad podcast were planted years ago when my wife, Brenda, and I started our own business. You hear my voice, but Brenda is behind the scenes keeping the content clear and focused.”

Tommy states, “I coach men full-time, and the Durable Dad podcast is an easy way to share information that’ll help take the pressure off of guys. Today’s dads are more involved at home and carry a heavy load at work, but we keep those struggles to ourselves. We talk about whiskey and sports, but not about the stress. My job is to reduce that pressure for guys so they can perform better at work, and connect better with their wives and kids.”

The podcast is available on Apple and Spotify (both linked here). Listen to learn more!

Jon Robinson ’05

Jon Robinson ’05 recently wrote a book called You Are Not an Artist: A Candid Guide to the Business of Being a Designer, that will be published on November 15, 2022. In Jon’s own words: “This book is dedicated to the designer who not only wants to be good at design but also wants to understand what that really means. Whether you’re a student, you’re five years into an agency job and still floundering to find confidence, ten years in and considering career reinvention, or feeling stale and burnt out from decades of poor collaboration and deadline fatigue, this can act as a companion throughout your journey. Especially if you’re navigating your design education alone.” You can read more about the book here.