Aug 022017
Dino Karas: Internship at FermiLab from mid-June until the end of Fall. If all goes according to plan, he will then stay on at FermiLab for the rest of the year, before going to graduate school the following year.
Ian Simmons: Solar Panel Engineer, at a start-up company in Seattle, Omnidian Solar.
Fiona Breyer: Analyst position at United Airlines.
Sam Kim (an IWU Physics minor): Software Engineer, at Epic, a medical software company.
We are so proud of all of our Physics majors for having 100% placement after graduation!
Aug 022017
Keon Kim will complete his (Physics+Mechanical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at Wash U.
“Air” Li will complete her (Physics+Computer Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at Wash U.
Huy Do is completing his (Physics+Electrical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at Wash U.
Phil Kesik will complete his (Physics+Mechanical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at University of Illinois-Chicago
Adam Muellers will complete his (Physics+Mechanical Engineering) 4:2 dual-degree program at University of Illinois-Chicago
Jake Thaker will complete his (Physics+Mechanical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at Illinois Institute of Technology
John Derrig will complete his (Physics+Mechanical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at SIUE.
Arham Sattar will complete his (Physics+Electrical Engineering) 3:2 dual-degree program at Milwaukee School of Engineering.
Kyle Moody will complete his (Physics+Agricultural & Biological Engineering) 4:2 dual-degree program at UIUC.
Aug 022017
Shane Zhou: Masters program in Materials Science & Engineering at Georgia Tech, and has also arranged a paid summer research internship in the Physics Department at Georgia Tech.
Matt McGill: Masters program in Mechanical Engineering (“Control Systems”) at the University of Minnesota.
Jake Nave: Masters with a thesis program in Mechanical Engineering at University of South Florida.
Troy Southard:  Masters program in Mechatronic Systems Engineering (“Robotics”) at Denver University.
Alexis Liu: Masters program in Computer Science at the Seattle campus of Northeastern University.
Regine Sun: Masters program in Statistics at Columbia University.
Aug 022017
Andy Ding will enter graduate school at the Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo. For the summer before that, he has been accepted into a competitive summer school on experimental quantum computing, and following that has a paid summer research internship arranged. He has also been offered a research opportunity at the University of Vienna, which may lead him to defer matriculation at Waterloo.
Simon Liu will enter the U of I Astronomy PhD program, where he plans to attend, but is deferring for one year so as to return to Caltech for a year to assist with deployment of one of his projects there before entering graduate school in astronomy at the University of Illinois. The first part of his summer was spent finishing up his research efforts at IWU.
Jason Chen will enter a graduate program in theoretical Astrophysics at the University of California, Davis.
Krystyna Lopez was selected as an American Physical Society Bridge Fellow in the Bridge to the Doctorate Program in Physics at Indiana University. She is the IWU Bill Murphy Research Assistant for Summer 2017.
Chris Rudnicki will enter a graduate program at UC-Riverside for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
Toan Le will enter a graduate program in Electrical & Computer Engineering at UW-Madison, where he plans to continue doing research with our collaborator, Prof. Andreas Velten.
Aug 022017

Congratulations to Carly Floyd ’17 who was hired as an IWU Admissions Counselor! She is excited to be on campus still and working for her Alma Mater!

Jul 212017

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Jul 142017

Kyle Serafico  ’17 is the winner of a $500 mini grant to help launch a medication adherence campaign aimed at patients at the Community Health Care Clinic. Serafico’s funding will help launch the new ‘Rock Your Meds’ campaign at the CHCC. The campaign is dedicated to increase patients’ adherence to their medication regimens, and the grant will help establish a medication adherence protocol that includes producing education materials in both English and Spanish for CHCC staff to use during patient interactions. Congratulations, Kyle!

You can read more here.

Jul 142017
Martha Aguirre ’17 presented her research entitled “Building Global Citizens: The benefits of teaching towards communicative language learning”. Her research discussed how a more natural approach to language learning is effective when trying to teach a second language because it is more authentic, student centered, and fun. Congratulations, Martha!