Audition Information

Spring 2018 Illinois Wesleyan Symphony Orchestra Audition Information

Auditions will be held in Dr. Ivanov’s office (Presser Hall 256). Audition slots will be posted on a bulletin board outside of Dr. Ivanov’s office by Tues. Jan. 9th. Auditions are Wed. Jan. 10 – Fri. Jan. 12; results will be posted by the end of the day Mon. Jan. 15.

Below is the audition information for Spring 2018. Please read everything carefully. Results of your audition will determine which ensemble(s) you will be placed in. Wind players are encouraged to audition for wind band in addition to orchestra.  Musicians can play in both a wind band and the orchestra.

  1. Take a moment to fill out an information questionnaire by clicking here. This form will need to be completed prior to signing up for an audition time slot.
  2. Auditions for orchestra will consist of:
    • Prepared excerpt(s) for your instrument (see step 5)
    • Two minutes of a prepared solo or etude of your choice (solo or etude should demonstrate both technical and lyrical styles)
  3. Before your audition, you must:
    • Complete the survey from step 2.
    • Sign up for an audition time.
      • If you are auditioning for both orchestra and band on the same instrument, you need to sign up for only ONE audition time.
    • Print out and complete one audition sheet which can be found at this link. This form must be presented to the attending faculty at the time of your audition.
  4. Excerpts – Find your instrument parts below and print all documents. Pay close attention to the markings (brackets) that indicate what part of the excerpt you must play.

Orchestral Excerpts

Excepts are selected from Khachaturian’s Masquerade Suite





Double Bass

Winds and Brass

Wind and brass auditions for orchestra will not include an orchestral excerpt. Instead, excerpts for winds and brass will be the same for both the Illinois Wesleyan Symphony Orchestra and wind bands. Please prepare the excerpts found on the Wind Ensemble blog.

Percussion auditions are as determined by Professor Minarcek. Please contact Prof. Minarcek at for details.