Amanda King ’15 Final Project Report

April 17, 2015 Final Research Project Report ENST 480: Creating a Sustainable Society Project Title: Exploring Strategies to Gain Student Involvement at the IWU Peace Garden Abtstract: The Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) Peace Garden is a campus garden located at the liberal arts university in Bloomington, Illinois. The Peace Garden’s mission is to meet the Read more about Amanda King ’15 Final Project Report[…]

Amanda King and Leann Lyden Fall Seminar’14

Binder: #89 Major: Environmental Studies and N/A Passion: Neighborhood Revitalization, Education and Outreach Organization: IWU ARC Project Title: “Westside Interactive Map” Project Summary: After deliberating on ways to help the West Side eliminate the healthy food drought that is on the WestSide, while promoting ways of being environmentally friendly, there was an apparent lack of knowledge Read more about Amanda King and Leann Lyden Fall Seminar’14[…]

Megan Winkeler Internship’08

Binder #: 39 Major: Political Science, Philosophy Passion: Grant Writing, Environmental Sustainability Organization: City of Bloomington Legal Department     Project Title: “Lead Hazard Control HUD Grant” Project Summary: This semester, I have been working with the City of Bloomington Legal Department on the Lead Hazard Control Grant. The LHC is a federal grant funded by the US Department of Read more about Megan Winkeler Internship’08[…]

Michael B. Morrissey CPP Intern’09

Binder #: 38 Major: Business Finance Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: Ecology Action Center, State Farm     Project Summary: I really enjoyed my time at State Farm and at the Ecology Action Center. Although both proved to be very valuable experiences, State Farm workdays gave me a better idea of what corporate work life was like. My supervisors were Read more about Michael B. Morrissey CPP Intern’09[…]

Tom Marlow Internship’10

Binder #: 34 Major: Environmental Studies Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization:Spence Farm Project Title: “Spence Farm” Project Summary:During his 2010 May Term Internship, Tom Marlow spent his time doing research for Spence Farm. He compiled a binder with useful documents, resources, and background information on Spence Farm and also included how to apply for the Specialty Crop Grant Program Read more about Tom Marlow Internship’10[…]

Amy Orlik Internship’10

  Binder #: 33 Major: Environmental Studies, History Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: Lake Bloomington, Ames Library Project Summary: I spent my junior year May Term interning under Meg Miner, one of the librarians at Ames Library. During the past month, I have done research on the history of Lake Bloomington to help Meg develop a potential museum exhibit that Read more about Amy Orlik Internship’10[…]

 Megan Winkeler Internship’10

Binder #: 32 Major: Political Science, Philosophy Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: The Nature Conservancy     Project Title: “The Nature Conservancy” Project Summary: During May term, I worked with The Nature Conservancy at Franklin Farm in Lexington, IL to complete a biotic survey in their wetlands.  

Karina de Sousa Internship’11

Binder #: 29 Major: International Studies, Developmental Studies Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: The Normal Rotary Club, Water And Sanitation Rotarian Action Group     Project Title: “Rotary Water Project” Project Summary: The political science internship is a wonderful opportunity and works well for people that can work on their own and take initiative because most of the work I did Read more about Karina de Sousa Internship’11[…]

Kyle Duffie Internship’05

Binder #: 19 Passion: Food Justice, Environmental Sustainability Organization:  Spence Farms Foundation, Old House Society Project Title: Spence Farms Project Summary: Kyle Duffie worked with Spence Farm Foundation whose mission is to historically preserve the oldest farm in Livingston County as well as to provide education and awareness of environmentally sound farming practices. Kyle helped write a grant Read more about Kyle Duffie Internship’05[…]

Molly Bisulca, Olivia Campbell, Lauren James Seminar’09

Binder #: 15 Major: Environmental Studies Passion: Enviromental Sustainability Organization: Downtown Bloomington Association, Small Business Recycling Group Project Title: Small Business Recycling Project Project Summary: Our mission as members of the Small Business Recycling Group was to update the recycling program for small businesses in Downtown Bloomington. Allied Waste offered us the option of six to eight bins to be Read more about Molly Bisulca, Olivia Campbell, Lauren James Seminar’09[…]

Aaron Massey CPP Intern’10

  Binder #: 14 Major: Sociology Passion: Enviromental Sustainability, Food Justice Organization: Westside Development Task Force Project Summary: I interned in Human Resources Enterprise Recruiting and Retention at State Farm. The goal of my team was to create tools that allow for zones to effectively recruit talent. Along with that, we also created tools and programs tot retain employees. Read more about Aaron Massey CPP Intern’10[…]

Heidi Adams CPP Intern’08

  Binder #: 13 Major: Sociology Passion: Education, Enviromental Sustainability Organization: American Red Cross of the Heartland   Project Summary: At State Farm, I worked in Public Affairs on the Green Team Initiative. I worked on a large variety of projects, but the majority were focused on internal and external communication of the Green Initiative. Basically, State Farm is Read more about Heidi Adams CPP Intern’08[…]

Ted Richards CPP Intern’10

Binder #: 5 Major:Environmental Studies Passion: Enviromental Sustainability Organization: Ecology Action Center, State Farm Project Title: “Small Business Recycling: Uptown Normal” Project Summary: I spent the summer working on the Enviromental Affairs Team at State Farm, and in the community at the Ecology Action Center. At State Farm, I put together content to be used in an ennviromental report Read more about Ted Richards CPP Intern’10[…]

West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Are you tired of being stuck in the so-called “IWU bubble”? Do you have a heart full of passion for community engagement but don’t where to start? WBRP provides students tons of exciting volunteering positions, so let’s get started helping our local community grow, one step each time! 1.Economic Development: Adopt a Facebook, Sponsorship Committee, Calendar committee Read more about West Bloomington Revitalization Project[…]

Sugar Grove Nature Center

Do you love the nature? Do you want to help preserve it? Sugar Grove Nature Center is looking for passionate volunteers to assist at any of the following areas: Nature Center Host Assistant Naturalist Animal Care Reception & Office Volunteer Recruitment Wood Projects Special Event Garden Projects Grounds Maintenance Building Maintenance and Repair Exotic Species Eradicator Read more about Sugar Grove Nature Center[…]