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Lindsey Haines ’10

Year of Graduation: 2010 Major: Economics and Political Science Current Address: Chicago, Illinois How were you engaged with ARC? Not just the seminar/internship/fellowship but describe the type of project. I was an intern and Weir Fellow, working in the WBRP office and co-chair of the housing committee. I helped organize a housing summit. Where are Read more about Lindsey Haines ’10[…]

Casey during her ARC days

Casey Plach ’15

Year of Graduation: 2015 Major: Political Science and Hispanic Studies Current Address: Niles, Illinois How were you engaged with ARC? Not just the seminar/internship/fellowship but describe the type of project. In the summer of 2013 I was an intern in the Community Partnership Program. My nonprofit partner was Heartland Head Start where I helped Spanish Read more about Casey Plach ’15[…]

chicago Postcard

Bianca Spratt ’11

Year of Graduation: 2011 Major: Sociology Current Address: Chicago, IL How were you engaged with ARC? Not just the seminar/internship/fellowship but describe the type of project. I worked with Brittini Gray on an educational project that would allow low-income youth in Bloomington-Normal go to college. We designed and coordinated a college tour. Where are you Read more about Bianca Spratt ’11[…]

Hannah Giunta and Jeff Scott Seminar’05

Binder #: 40 Major: History, Art Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: Illinois Wesleyan University Project Title: “Volunteer Services at IWU” Project Summary: In recent years, colleges and universities across the country have recognized the value of community service in the academic curriculum. Illinois Wesleyan University is an instiution solidly grounded in the liberal arts. However, until recently, the benefits of Read more about Hannah Giunta and Jeff Scott Seminar’05[…]

Megan Winkeler Internship’08

Binder #: 39 Major: Political Science, Philosophy Passion: Grant Writing, Environmental Sustainability Organization: City of Bloomington Legal Department     Project Title: “Lead Hazard Control HUD Grant” Project Summary: This semester, I have been working with the City of Bloomington Legal Department on the Lead Hazard Control Grant. The LHC is a federal grant funded by the US Department of Read more about Megan Winkeler Internship’08[…]

Michael B. Morrissey CPP Intern’09

Binder #: 38 Major: Business Finance Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: Ecology Action Center, State Farm     Project Summary: I really enjoyed my time at State Farm and at the Ecology Action Center. Although both proved to be very valuable experiences, State Farm workdays gave me a better idea of what corporate work life was like. My supervisors were Read more about Michael B. Morrissey CPP Intern’09[…]

Brittany Morrison Internship’09

Binder #: 37 Major: Political Science Passion: Housing Organization: Prudential Real Estate     Project Title: “Affordable Housing Market Study” Project Summary: I spent my summer working for Rick Jebb and Mark DeVeer who are brokers for Prudential Real Estate. Instead of brokering for houses, they are brokers for mobile home parks. They are of the few out there in Read more about Brittany Morrison Internship’09[…]

Matt Hill and Paige Maynard Seminar’09

Binder #: 36 Major: Accounting, Sociology and Economics Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: Farmers Market, Downtown Bloomington Association Project Title: “Farmers Market Operations Manual” Project Summary: Paige and I worked with the Downtown Bloomington Association to compile a Farmers Market Operations Manual. We attended the market, conducted interviews, and spoke with market management to complete the manual. The Market is Read more about Matt Hill and Paige Maynard Seminar’09[…]

Drew Wolschlag Grant Writing’09

  Binder #: 35 Passion: Youth, Human Rights Organization: CASA Foundation Project Summary: The CASA Foundation provides appointed adult advocates for children who have been the victims of abuse and neglect in their own homes. My task was to find ways that would provide help in maintaining the program. As I performed further research, it was easy to Read more about Drew Wolschlag Grant Writing’09[…]

Tom Marlow Internship’10

Binder #: 34 Major: Environmental Studies Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization:Spence Farm Project Title: “Spence Farm” Project Summary:During his 2010 May Term Internship, Tom Marlow spent his time doing research for Spence Farm. He compiled a binder with useful documents, resources, and background information on Spence Farm and also included how to apply for the Specialty Crop Grant Program Read more about Tom Marlow Internship’10[…]

Amy Orlik Internship’10

  Binder #: 33 Major: Environmental Studies, History Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: Lake Bloomington, Ames Library Project Summary: I spent my junior year May Term interning under Meg Miner, one of the librarians at Ames Library. During the past month, I have done research on the history of Lake Bloomington to help Meg develop a potential museum exhibit that Read more about Amy Orlik Internship’10[…]

 Megan Winkeler Internship’10

Binder #: 32 Major: Political Science, Philosophy Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: The Nature Conservancy     Project Title: “The Nature Conservancy” Project Summary: During May term, I worked with The Nature Conservancy at Franklin Farm in Lexington, IL to complete a biotic survey in their wetlands.  

Bianca Spratt and Brittini Gray Seminar’09

  Binder #: 31 Major: Sociology, Business Administration Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: Action Research Center, West Bloomington Revitalization Project   Project Title: “College Visit Night!” Project Summary: On November 3, 2009, we coordinated a college visit day for the youth of the Westside of Bloomington. Our goal for the program was to expose youth to IWU and share with Read more about Bianca Spratt and Brittini Gray Seminar’09[…]

Taylor Gregurich CPP Intern’09

Binder #: 30 Major: Business Administration Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: American Red Cross of the Heartland, State Farm Project Summary: I was a summer 2009 CPP intern. I worked three days of the week with State Farm and two days a week at the American Red Cross of the Heartland. At State Farm, I worked with the Zone Read more about Taylor Gregurich CPP Intern’09[…]

Karina de Sousa Internship’11

Binder #: 29 Major: International Studies, Developmental Studies Passion: Environmental Sustainability Organization: The Normal Rotary Club, Water And Sanitation Rotarian Action Group     Project Title: “Rotary Water Project” Project Summary: The political science internship is a wonderful opportunity and works well for people that can work on their own and take initiative because most of the work I did Read more about Karina de Sousa Internship’11[…]