Megan Winkeler Internship’08

Binder #: 39
Major: Political Science, Philosophy
Passion: Grant Writing, Environmental Sustainability
Organization: City of Bloomington Legal Department



Project Title: “Lead Hazard Control HUD Grant”

Project Summary: This semester, I have been working with the City of Bloomington Legal Department on the Lead Hazard Control Grant. The LHC is a federal grant funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the amount awarded ranges from $1-3 million. In order to receive the grant, a community must be able to show proof of the problem, organizational support, and community support. I got to know the grant, talked with Don Cavi, the Director of Environmental Health in Peoria, collected data that would help us show proof of a lead problem in Bloomington, and we set up meetings with people from City Hall to discuss the grant with them.