Ted Richards CPP Intern’10

Binder #: 5
Major:Environmental Studies
Passion: Enviromental Sustainability
Organization: Ecology Action Center, State Farm

Project Title: “Small Business Recycling: Uptown Normal”

Project Summary: I spent the summer working on the Enviromental Affairs Team at State Farm, and in the community at the Ecology Action Center. At State Farm, I put together content to be used in an ennviromental report for the company and also worked on incorporating “green” ideas into existing company projects. During my time at the Ecology Action Center, I worked on increasing small business recycling rates in McLean County. The majority of my work focused on gathering more information about the recycling practices of local businesses and the recycling services offered by local waste service providers. To obtain this information, I designed two separate surveys and distributed them to businesses in Uptown Normal and several local waste service providers.