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Emily Meade CPP Intern’07

Binder #: 4
Major: German and Education
Passion: Youth, Grant Writing
Organization: UNITY Center

Project Summary: As UNITY Center was preparing for future expansion, summer camps, fall programs, marketing and funding, Emily was able to complete a number of tasks and projects. She assisted the Program Director with writing and researching grants for UNITY programs and general operations, completed expense reports for an accounting system, and other administrative tasks.


Emily Meade: Summer Internship ’07


Over the summer of 2007, as UNITY Center was preparing for future expansion, summer camps, fall programs, marketing and funding, Emily was able to complete a number of tasks and projects. She assisted the Program Director with writing and researching grants for UNITY programs and general operations, completed expense reports for an accounting system, and performed other administrative tasks.

Kyle Duffie ’06: Spence Farm Grant Writing

Spence Farms

Kyle Duffie worked with the Spence Farm Foundation whose mission is to historically preserve the oldest farm in Livingston County as well as to provide education and awareness of environmentally sound farming practices. Kyle helped write a grant to the Illinois Humanities Council for a video project that provides education on the heritage, history, trades, alternative farming, and natural areas that are unique to Central Illinois. This project was in collaboration with the Old House Society that preserves 50+ year-old neighborhoods, buildings, and landscapes in the local community. This project was geared towards youth in multiple school districts in the area.

Veronica Watson: NeighborWorks Week Block Party

IWU student Veronica Watson partnered with Mid Central Community Action and The West Bloomington Revitalization Project to request $500 to hold a block party for the West Bloomington residents. This will serve as a conclusion to NeighborWorks Week programming and a celebration of the beginning of summer. Materials from the Tool Library will be used to make this event happen. This block party allows residents to form stronger relationships with their neighbors while providing safe activities for kids. They hope to expand this program to have more residents-lead developments.

Nicole Pierce: Bookmarks – Books for Kids in Need


Wesleyan Student Nicole Pierce wrote a grant for First Book-McLean County, a community partner that has provided book grants to local tutoring, mentoring and literacy programs in McLean County for 13 years. She helped them to request bookmarks for the books each child receives. The organizations goal is to provide each child in need with 12 books every year. Illinois Wesleyan’s Printing and Mailing Services is even helping out by providing the design for the bookmarks.

Ted Delicath ’13

Ted Delicath was a long-time and loyal part of the ARC team.  Originally from Bartonville, IL, Ted graduated from IWU with a degree in Political Science. During his time at IWU, Ted also completed the Oxford program.Ted Delicath

He began by working for ARC in the summer of 2012. He successfully completed the application for Bloomington-Normal to be one of Top 100 Best Communities for Young People (  Ted was also part of the fall 2012 Action Research seminar. He worked in a small group to support Westside small business owners as they launched Facebook campaigns. (insert handout from the training Cameron did summer 2013 “Building your presence with Facebook pages: a guide for causes and nonprofits”). In the spring of 2013, Ted took the ARC Grant Writing class and partnered with marcfirst ( His mini-grant idea was to connect the athletic trainers from Shirk with the participants in the FriendsFirst program that operates at Second Presbyterian.

Ted was part of the leadership team that got Tari Renner elected as Mayor of Bloomington in 2013. He managed IWU interns, managed the social media for the campaign, and staffed numerous events.

As the President of the 2013 Senior Class, Ted gave ARC a shout out in his commencement speech ( The class of 2013 broke records for class giving with over 70% of seniors making a contribution. It is hoped that this level of commitment will continue for the class of 2013 and all classes that follow.

Ted now lives in St. Louis and is one of the 2013 Coro Fellows (

Megan Winkeler ’11: Lead Hazard Control Grant

Megan Winkeler, class of 2011, spent her time in the Spring 2009 Grant Writing Class working with the City of Bloomington Legal Department.  This grant was going to be implemented for a Lead Paint Hazard Control Program in the City of Bloomington. In order to receive the grant, the City of Bloomington had to show proof the problem, organizational support, and community support.   Megan began by collecting data to show proof of a hazardous lead paint problem by gathering data for pre-1978 constructed homes in the area.  She also worked with relevant community stakeholders and conducted a logic model to outline all of the factors to be included in the grant application.

Megan received the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship in 2011 to study the effects of conflict on women at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Megan Winkeler '11

Megan Winkeler ’11


Zoe Gross ’13

Zoe Gross graduated from IWU with a degree in Political Science. She is now in law school at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Zoe worked for ARC in the summer of 2012 as an Assistant Coordinator. She helped to support the work of the Community Partnership Program interns. She also worked on the Veggie Van project to help bring fresh fruits and vegetables into the food desert of West Bloomington ( She harvested fresh produce from the IWU Peace Garden (please link) and delivered peppers, tomatoes, and herbs to the Western Avenue Community Center food pantry.zoegross

Zoe was also enrolled in the Dr. Michael Weis’ history class that participated in a unique community engagement project. Each student was given a Flip video camera and paired with a local senior citizen. Students were asked to meet with their senior partner three times over the course of the semester and talk about the events happening that were being covered in class. This co-curricular project was of great value to the student as they learned first-hand about historical events and the local impact of some national happenings. The seniors also enjoyed the project as they were able to connect with students and share stories in a meaningful way. The end of the semester wrapped up with a reception at the McLean County Museum of History where the students entered transcripts of their interviews into the museum archives. A copy of the transcript was also given to the senior to share with her/his family and friends. Zoe was paired with a local senior named Pud and they continued to be connected long after the class wrapped up.

Zoe also took the ARC Grant Writing class. She wrote a mini grant for the West Bloomington Revitalization Project to start their own adopt-a-pot program ( Zoe also wrote a grant to the McLean County Wellness Coalition ( to support greening efforts on the Westside.

Zoe was also an active member of the College Democrats, Res Publica, and she was an assistant for the Political Science lab. She was also active in her sorority, Sigma Kappa.

Here is Zoe on her ARC experience – “ARC has provided me with the tools, connections, and confidence to enter the Bloomington-Normal community like never before. Until this summer, I felt I was merely a student living at Illinois Wesleyan; Now, I am a community member engaged in life in our city. Working with ARC has given me the ability to put in motion projects to change lives in Bloomington-Normal, as well as experience to take with me to my future home.”