Amanda King and Leann Lyden Fall Seminar’14

WBRP boundaries MAP

WBRP boundaries MAP

Binder: #89

Major: Environmental Studies and N/A

Passion: Neighborhood Revitalization, Education and Outreach

Organization: IWU ARC

Project Title: “Westside Interactive Map”

Project Summary: After deliberating on ways to help the West Side eliminate the healthy food drought that is on the WestSide, while promoting ways of being environmentally friendly, there was an apparent lack of knowledge as to where to go to get fresh food, what times a location was open, and where people can donate. The idea of adding a condensed map with all of this information to the WBRP website came up, and it was just the spark we needed.

Note from Amanda and Leann: “Welcome to a project that no one will ever think of doing, but it will actually make a difference. Our project wasn’t super complicated but it definitely required the use of social capital from the class. Since Amanda worked in the Peace Garden, we recognized that there was a need to bridge the gap between farms or gardens and food pantries on the West Side. While working in the Peace Garden, Amanda realized that she had no idea where food pantries are or when she could drop off extra produce. The idea for a map came about because of a lack of visual aid on the internet as to where information could be found.”

Scroll through the McLean County Wellness Coalition’s site to find the food pantries flyer made by Amanda and Leann