Matt Mardis WBRP

Matthew Mardis CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 104 Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics Passion: Neighborhood Revitalization Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project, State Farm Executive Summary: This summer I interned in the P&C Claims Department at State Farm and with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project for my nonprofit. It’s amazing how quickly a summer can fly by when you stay as busy as[…]

Emily Shankar WACC 2

Emily Shankar CPP Intern ’15

Binder #: 98 Major: International Studies & Hispanic Studies Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: Western Avenue Community Center, State Farm Project Summary: At State Farm, I worked in the Marketing department with the Strategy team that supports State Farm Bank. My main project was to organize the team’s SharePoint site and use this site t simplify the[…]

west bloomington revitalization project

Grace McCarten and Kira Miller Grant Writing’14

Binder: #91 Major: Sociology/ Anthropology and Environmental Studies Passion: Arts, Neighborhood Revitalization Organization: West Side of Bloomington Project Title: “We heart WestSide Photo Documentary Project” Project Summary: There are a lot of misconceptions of who and what exists on the WestSide of Bloomington. We hope to begin to change perspectives by hosting a pop-up art gallery filled[…]

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Colleen Gleason ’14 “WBRP Holiday Appeal Letter”

Binder # 83 Major: N/A Passion: Arts, Neighborhood Revitalization, Education and Outreach Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project Project Title: Writing a Holiday Appeal Letter Project Summary: An appeal letter will be written to potential donors asking for money to fund WBRP projects. A calendar highlighting West Bloomington, its community, and the WBRP projects that have[…]

Why Westside Mural

Leo Martinez Fall Seminar’14

  Binder #85 Major: Business major, Computer Science Minor Passion: Arts, Youth, Neighborhood Revitalization Organization: West Bloomington Revitalization Project Project Title: “Why Westside Mural” Project Summary: This semester I am going to be working on enhancing the WBRP office; more specifically the goal is to refurbish and paint the side of the Tool Library’s exterior[…]

Kirsten Slaughter with her Adopt-a-Pot

Kirsten Slaughter Fall Seminar’14

Binder #: 84 Major: Environmental Studies Major, Political Science Minor Passion: Arts, Neighborhood Revitalization, Environmental Sustainability, Food Justice Organization: IWU ARC, West Bloomington Revitalization Project Project Title: “Adopt-a-Pot” Project Summary: One of the six core areas of revitalization that West Bloomington residents are interested in seeing is Greening. Greening is beautification with an emphasis on[…]

Bianca Spratt and Brittini Gray Seminar’09

  Binder #: 31 Major: Sociology, Business Administration Passion: Education and Outreach Organization: Action Research Center, West Bloomington Revitalization Project   Project Title: “College Visit Night!” Project Summary: On November 3, 2009, we coordinated a college visit day for the youth of the Westside of Bloomington. Our goal for the program was to expose youth to IWU and share with[…]

 Jazmyn Becker CPP Intern’11

Binder #: 24 Major: Business and Educational Studies Passion: Marketing, Education & Outreach Organization: WBRP, State Farm Project Summary: At State Farm I was assigned to the Marketing Communications: Mass Media Team. The team works largely with outside marketing agencies, with a specific focus on young families, Hispanics, and the Asian/Asian Indian marketing segment. At State Farm I was[…]

West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Are you tired of being stuck in the so-called “IWU bubble”? Do you have a heart full of passion for community engagement but don’t where to start? WBRP provides students tons of exciting volunteering positions, so let’s get started helping our local community grow, one step each time! 1.Economic Development: Adopt a Facebook, Sponsorship Committee, Calendar committee[…]


Veronica Watson: NeighborWorks Week Block Party

IWU student Veronica Watson partnered with Mid Central Community Action and The West Bloomington Revitalization Project to request $500 to hold a block party for the West Bloomington residents. This will serve as a conclusion to NeighborWorks Week programming and a celebration of the beginning of summer. Materials from the Tool Library will be used[…]


A Vision of West Bloomington

Name: Veronica Watson Year of graduation: May 2014 Major(s): International Studies, Diplomatic Studies Concentration Community Partner: WBRP & MCCA     Veronica Watson’s Reflection: My project started after I started attending some of the meetings for the West Bloomington Housing Collaborative. The Housing Collaborative is made up of the WBRP, MCCA, Habitat for Humanity, and[…]

LOWER Professional Headshot

WBRP Housing Initiative-Visual Marketing

Political Science major, Nicole Jovicevic (’16), chose to help the West Bloomington Revitalization Project for her Fall Action Research Seminar Project. The WBRP has a housing initiative focused on home improvement projects. In order to attract more applicants for this initiative and to create a visually stimulating overview for the current investors, Nicole collected the[…]

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The Bloomington Digital Divide

As her project for the Fall Action Research Seminar, Sarah Bergman (’15), a Political Science major, explored the digital divide in Bloomington.  By partnering with Bloomington School District 87, she researched student access to the Internet in by surveying District 87 teachers.  The choice to survey teachers was made because of their firsthand experience with[…]