Amanda King ’15 Final Project Report

IWU Peace Garden logo

IWU Peace Garden logo

April 17, 2015

Final Research Project Report

ENST 480: Creating a Sustainable Society

Project Title: Exploring Strategies to Gain Student Involvement at the IWU Peace Garden


The Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) Peace Garden is a campus garden located at the liberal arts university in Bloomington, Illinois. The Peace Garden’s mission is to meet the culinary and educational needs of student, faculty, and staff at IWU. This study, conducted from January to April 2015, is guided by the following questions: “What factors influence student, staff, and faculty involvement with the Peace Garden?” “What strategies can be used to improve student involvement with the Illinois Wesleyan University Peace Garden?”

A literature review was conducted to study curricular learning and student involvement for on-campus gardens. Key informant interviews were conducted with five members of IWU faculty and staff in order to gain further insight into the curricular, faculty, and staff support, and a service or garden-based learning course. Read more below…

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