Annmarie Gast '15

Annmarie Gast ’15: “Cop on the block Feasability Study”

Binder #97 Major: Political Science Passion: Human Rights, Health and Wellness Organization: Mid-Central Community Action, Bloomington Police Dept. Project Summary: The WBRP’s West Bloomington Neighborhood Plan talks about increasing safety on the West Side by bringing in a neighborhood watch and other safety procedures. Additionally, they talk about revitalizing houses on the West Side and Read more about Annmarie Gast ’15: “Cop on the block Feasability Study”[…]

Satin Young ’16 “S.P.E.A.K” Inspiring Residents to Create Community Through Everyday Action

Binder #: 94 Major: Sociology Passion: Education and Outreach, Human Rights Organization: IWU ARC Project Title: “S.P.E.A.K” Project Summary: I found that each of the volunteer-dependent mentoring programs offered on the Westside of Bloomington have an orientation process. All of which include instruction on becoming an effective mentor. Young adults or teens sometimes attend a Read more about Satin Young ’16 “S.P.E.A.K” Inspiring Residents to Create Community Through Everyday Action[…]

Kelli Sloan '15 and Jenna Noland '16

Kelli Sloan and Jenna Noland Fall Seminar’14

Binder: #87 Major: N/A and Biology Passion: Youth, Human Rights Organization: Bloomington Police Department Project Title: “Cops That Care: Officer Friendly Program that Increases Safety of the West Side of Bloomington” Project Summary: The idea of Officer Friendly is important in the West Bloomington community because currently the West Side struggles with violence. Many different Read more about Kelli Sloan and Jenna Noland Fall Seminar’14[…]

Drew Wolschlag Grant Writing’09

  Binder #: 35 Passion: Youth, Human Rights Organization: CASA Foundation Project Summary: The CASA Foundation provides appointed adult advocates for children who have been the victims of abuse and neglect in their own homes. My task was to find ways that would provide help in maintaining the program. As I performed further research, it was easy to Read more about Drew Wolschlag Grant Writing’09[…]

Hayley Strege Internship’08

Binder #: 17 Major: Sociology and Hispanic Studies Passion: Education, Human Rights, Youth Organization: Heartland Head Start Project Title: “Upward and Equal” Project Summary: I primarily worked with one bilingual preschool class, but also partnered with one of the Family Resource Advisors (FRAs – essentially social case workers) in meeting families’ needs. THerefore, the mixture of social service agency, educative Read more about Hayley Strege Internship’08[…]

Path Crisis 211 (PATH)

Do you like to talk to people? What about talking and helping people at the same time? Or financial service? Check out the awesome volunteering opportunities available at PATH hotline: 1. Crisis Line/211 Volunteer: Caring people answer PATH’s hotline 24/7. A complete training program is provided three times a year.   2. Money Management Volunteers: Volunteers are matched to Read more about Path Crisis 211 (PATH)[…]


Are you interested in helping those with developmental disabilities and to promote their personal achievements based on their dreams, desires and abilities? Available positions: 1. Help with outings and community services projects for individuals or families 2. Assist in our Friendsfirst program – a community based recreational program 3. Perform clerical or administrative support tasks 4. Read more about Marcfirst[…]

Labyrinth Outreach

Available positions: 1. Board member 2. Grant writing and research 3. Intern 4. Mentor a female ex-offender 5. Organize a fundraising event 6. Provide clerical work (enter data, write “thank you” notes, etc.) Opportunities to work on our future transitional properties are also open most Saturdays from 9am-2pm. Interested in these opportunities? Email to find out Read more about Labyrinth Outreach[…]

Volunteer at Labyrinth Outreach!

Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women is a not-for-profit, 501 ( c ) (3), organization that provides long term supportive services to women from McLean County who have been incarcerated or on probation. Our goal is to collaborate with all available local social service agencies to assist the women to remain free of future court involvement. Read more about Volunteer at Labyrinth Outreach![…]

Volunteer Needed at the Immigration Project!

INTERESTED IN SOCIAL JUSTICE? WANT TO GET INVOLVED IN COMMUNITY SERVICE?   CONSIDERING VOLUNTEERING WITH THE CITIZENSHIP TEAM AT THE IMMIGRATION PROJECT!   The Immigration Project is a not-for-profit legal immigration services agency which re-located in October 2008 from East St. Louis and Western Avenue Community Center to new offices in Bloomington Illinois. We offer Read more about Volunteer Needed at the Immigration Project![…]