Bianca Spratt and Brittini Gray Seminar’09


west bloomington revitalization project

Binder #: 31
Major: Sociology, Business Administration
Passion: Education and Outreach
Organization: Action Research Center, West Bloomington Revitalization Project


Project Title: “College Visit Night!”

Project Summary: On November 3, 2009, we coordinated a college visit day for the youth of the Westside of Bloomington. Our goal for the program was to expose youth to IWU and share with them what college is. Bloomington-Normal youth believe that the high cost of tuition is not affordable to them. Therefore, we conducted a campus tour of IWU, had a college student discussion panel, and a presentation from Financial Aid and Admissions to help dispel some of those myths and help the youth to understand that any school is an option. Exposing youth to college and the opportunities it has to offer is crucial and critical to the future of America. I, Brittini Gray, believe that education is the key to success, but more importantly the key to equality.