Taylor Gregurich CPP Intern’09

american red cross heartland

Binder #: 30
Major: Business Administration
Passion: Education and Outreach
Organization: American Red Cross of the Heartland, State Farm

Project Summary: I was a summer 2009 CPP intern. I worked three days of the week with State Farm and two days a week at the American Red Cross of the Heartland. At State Farm, I worked with the Zone Support Team in Marketing: a team that serves as a liason between State Farm Marketing at the Corporate and Zone levels. I worked on the Marketing Directory for the entire department, made a visual for how the Zones and Corporate communicate with each other, led conference calls and participated in discussion panels about the Young Adult Market, and also worked with other interns to create a business case on Teen Driver Safety which we then presented to Marketing leaders and people from other departments within State Farm. For my non-profit organization, I worked at the American Red Cross of the Heartland in Bloomington. I was given the opportunity to create marketing pieces to market the Red Cross Health and Safety Programs. I created and sent out letters to several different businesses in the Heartland region like dental offices, aquatic programs, and day care centers. We had such good response to these letters that I was able to actually teach some of the youth programs to the kids in day care. Besides letters, I also created a syllabus for each of the youth programs to make it easier for the instructor to follow, became certified in AED and CPR, and made a brochure for military families. I even had the opportunity to join the American Red Cross Board of Directors for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.