Kathleen Johnson CPP Intern’11

  Binder #: 25 Major: Hispanic Studies and Education Passion: Education & Outreach, Youth Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters, State Farm Project Summary: The Community Partnership Program is a very unique internship opportunity for Illinois Wesleyan University students. Featuring a 2:1 split,the internship places the student in a department at State Farm and a local not-for-profit agency. In Read more about Kathleen Johnson CPP Intern’11[…]

 Jazmyn Becker CPP Intern’11

Binder #: 24 Major: Business and Educational Studies Passion: Marketing, Education & Outreach Organization: WBRP, State Farm Project Summary: At State Farm I was assigned to the Marketing Communications: Mass Media Team. The team works largely with outside marketing agencies, with a specific focus on young families, Hispanics, and the Asian/Asian Indian marketing segment. At State Farm I was Read more about  Jazmyn Becker CPP Intern’11[…]

Kyle Charles, Pat Kleszynski, Amy Rohalla, Mary Roth, and Carmen Simkins Seminar’05

Binder #: 23 Passion: Greek Life, Arts Organization: Fraternity and Sorority Life Project Title: “Inter-Sorority PR Event Planning at IWU”   Project Summary: The Facilitators of this project wanted to address the relationship issues between sororities on the IWU campus and procure a way in which to resolve said issues. There was much tension between individual sorority houses and Read more about Kyle Charles, Pat Kleszynski, Amy Rohalla, Mary Roth, and Carmen Simkins Seminar’05[…]

Jake Muehlbaur and DesaRae Myers Seminar’04

Binder #: 22 Passion: Youth Organization: Heartland Headstart Project Title: “Project Heartland Headstart”   Project Summary: Our goal is to analyze the data for all 4 year old students at Heartland Headstart. We hope to complete a significant amount of analysis…we not only have to locate and analyze the relevant data, but we must also determine how to best Read more about Jake Muehlbaur and DesaRae Myers Seminar’04[…]

Bridget Mudron, Elizabeth Towers, and Susie Walter ’06

Binder #: 21 Major: Political Science Passion: Hispanic Community Organization: Heartland Headstart Project Title: “Heartland Headstart Hispanic-Friendly Resource Guide” Project Summary: Susie Walter took on the initiative to create a Hispanic-Friendly Resource Guide (begun by Bridget Mudron and Elizabeth Towers in 2004 for HH) during her spring internship at Heartland Headstart in 2006. Heartland Headstart is a program dedicated to Read more about Bridget Mudron, Elizabeth Towers, and Susie Walter ’06[…]

Brittany Morrison Internship’09

Binder #: 20 Major: Political Science Passion: Housing, Education Organization: Prairie State Legal Services Project Title: Spring Internship with Prairie State Legal Services Project Summary: Brittany Morrison worked with Prairie State Legal Services to conduct a presentation to community stakeholders on “Foreclosures in Today’s Legal and Economic Environment. Prairie State Legal Services is an organization who provides legal services to Read more about Brittany Morrison Internship’09[…]

Kyle Duffie Internship’05

Binder #: 19 Passion: Food Justice, Environmental Sustainability Organization:  Spence Farms Foundation, Old House Society Project Title: Spence Farms Project Summary: Kyle Duffie worked with Spence Farm Foundation whose mission is to historically preserve the oldest farm in Livingston County as well as to provide education and awareness of environmentally sound farming practices. Kyle helped write a grant Read more about Kyle Duffie Internship’05[…]

Danny Burke Internship’08

Binder #: 18 Major: Enviromental Studies Passion: Food Justice Organization: Downtown Bloomington Association, Heartland Local Food Network Project Title: “Growing Food Justice in West Bloomington IL” Project Summary: I interned with the Heatland Local Food Network and the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market to implement a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – formerly food stamps) at the farmers market. I also Read more about Danny Burke Internship’08[…]

Hayley Strege Internship’08

Binder #: 17 Major: Sociology and Hispanic Studies Passion: Education, Human Rights, Youth Organization: Heartland Head Start Project Title: “Upward and Equal” Project Summary: I primarily worked with one bilingual preschool class, but also partnered with one of the Family Resource Advisors (FRAs – essentially social case workers) in meeting families’ needs. THerefore, the mixture of social service agency, educative Read more about Hayley Strege Internship’08[…]

Bevin Cowie CPP Intern’09

  Binder #: 16 Major: Sociology Passion: Education Organization: East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging Project Summary:At the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging I was charged with developing, marketing, and hosting a senior focus radio show. In December of 2008, the West Bloomington Task Force published a document entitled “Senior Needs and Assets Assessment.” During Read more about Bevin Cowie CPP Intern’09[…]

Molly Bisulca, Olivia Campbell, Lauren James Seminar’09

Binder #: 15 Major: Environmental Studies Passion: Enviromental Sustainability Organization: Downtown Bloomington Association, Small Business Recycling Group Project Title: Small Business Recycling Project Project Summary: Our mission as members of the Small Business Recycling Group was to update the recycling program for small businesses in Downtown Bloomington. Allied Waste offered us the option of six to eight bins to be Read more about Molly Bisulca, Olivia Campbell, Lauren James Seminar’09[…]

Aaron Massey CPP Intern’10

  Binder #: 14 Major: Sociology Passion: Enviromental Sustainability, Food Justice Organization: Westside Development Task Force Project Summary: I interned in Human Resources Enterprise Recruiting and Retention at State Farm. The goal of my team was to create tools that allow for zones to effectively recruit talent. Along with that, we also created tools and programs tot retain employees. Read more about Aaron Massey CPP Intern’10[…]

Heidi Adams CPP Intern’08

  Binder #: 13 Major: Sociology Passion: Education, Enviromental Sustainability Organization: American Red Cross of the Heartland   Project Summary: At State Farm, I worked in Public Affairs on the Green Team Initiative. I worked on a large variety of projects, but the majority were focused on internal and external communication of the Green Initiative. Basically, State Farm is Read more about Heidi Adams CPP Intern’08[…]

Allison Hartford CPP Intern’08

Binder #: 12 Passion: Education Organization: East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging Project Summary: I worked in the Property and Casualty Actuarial at State Farm, and at the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging (ECIAAA) in the community. In the Actuarial department I worked on a countrywide pricing project, where I updated and analyzed data Read more about Allison Hartford CPP Intern’08[…]

Katy Buoscio CPP Intern’10

  Binder #: 11 Major: International Studies Passion: Education Organization:American Red Cross of the Heartland Project Summary: I was placed with the Multicultural Business Development Group, or MBDG for short, at State Farm. We focused on the African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Women market segments of State Farm. I worked primarily on the Hispanic young adult initiatives, helping create Read more about Katy Buoscio CPP Intern’10[…]