The Ides Series – Screening the Battle of Actium: Civil War, Erotic Tragedy and the Birth of an Empire

Wednesday, 21 October – Beckman Auditorium, 4pm

Monica Cyrino Professor of Classics

Monica Cyrino
Professor of Classics

Presented by Monica Cyrino, professor of classics at University of New Mexico.

To historians, the story of Antony & Cleopatra is much more than a love story: These lovers teamed up against Antony’s rival, Octavian, the future Roman emperor Augustus, in the great Battle of Actium fought in 31 BC. In this presentation, Prof. Cyrino will analyze several themes used by filmmakers to represent the battle as the momentous “turning point of history” that gave birth to the Roman Empire.

Sponsored by Greek and Roman Studies; a “Nation(s) Divided?” theme event.

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