Gateway Essay Contest Winners

GW essay contest winnersWe are pleased to announce the winners of the annual Best Gateway Essay Contest from 2014-2015.

Every year, Gateway instructors are invited to nominate up to three student essays from their Gateway sections. The papers submitted by students for the contest were evaluated first by teams of Writing Center tutors; the Writing Committee then reviewed these and selected a winner and a runner-up.  The winner will receive $150.00 and the runner-up will receive $75.00.

This year’s winners are:

Winner:  Megan Sperger, for her essay, “The False Idea of Human Nature’s Duality in Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde,”  nominated by Adam Woodis from his Gateway section.

Runner-up: Andrew Pichette, for his essay, “The Rise of Boko Haram: An Analysis of Failed Governance”, nominated by Nawragh Chaulagain from his Gateway section.

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