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Sumo chairs – The Best Seats in the House

Sumo chairs – found on the 3rd floor of the Library’s Thorpe Center – are becoming the favorite seats in the house for many.  The choice of gamers, researchers and cat-nappers alike, Sumo chairs in Thorpe provide a good view of the Head of Aphrodite.  More Sumo chairs are expected this year.  Where would you like to see a Sumo?

Students asked, we delivered: students have asked for a Quiet Floor in the library, a place where they know they won’t be interrupted by groups talking. The library is trying out the 4th floor for its Quiet Floor this semester. Signs will be posted and the quiet will be self-policed. Any problems can be reported to the University Librarian’s office during week days (201 Library) or to the Building Aide (located at the Circulation Desk) at other times.

Places & Spaces around Ames

One of the great things about the library is the choices for study and conversation spaces.
Here are a few of our favorites:

The Minor Myers jr Honors Collection resides in what students call the “Beauty and the Beast” room. The Collection includes award-winning books from a wide variety of organizations and disciplines, including poetry, biography, cookbooks, children’s literature and fiction.

The Thorpe Center offers comfy seating, Mac computers, and a great view of the Ames Plaza.

Using whiteboard paint, we transformed three small walls in Thorpe into a large whiteboard, complete with seating.

If you need to meet with a study group, you can reserve one of our three project rooms by calling Help@Ames (x3900). Each project room has a computer, screen and seating for 3-4 people. We also have group study rooms on the second, third and fourth floors of the library which are first come, first serve.

Help@Ames, located on the entry level near the Information Commons, provides both research assistance and technology support during library hours. You can learn about starting points for library research, connect with a librarian, install your wireless client, or reserve a project room at the Help@Ames Desk.