Monthly Archives: June 2015

ITS Help Desk Moving to Thorpe Center

Help@Ames has been a great combination of library and IT services for the past three years, and now it’s adapting to better serve you.

You’ll now find ITS support on the third floor of The Ames Library. Come by and check out the new digs in the Thorpe Center. You can still call 3900 and enter your own call at, but you’ll want to email if you need help with technology.

Research support services can be found at the Library Service Desk on the entry level, previously known as the Circulation Desk. Have a question about renewing a book or getting started with research? Call us at 3053, email us at, or stop by. You can always email a librarian directly. We’re here from 8-4, Monday through Friday until classes start in August.

Abstract Art in Ames?

Abstract Art in Ames Library?

Has The Ames Library installed a new abstract art piece on the entry level? Maybe we should call it Thinking Outside the Chair.

This isn’t the only strange thing you’ll see in Ames Library this summer. Furniture will mysteriously relocate, shelves will disappear, project rooms will move…You just wait and see what we have in store for the fall.

If you’re around this summer, we’re open Monday – Friday, from 8am until 4pm. Come check out what we’re up to, or prepare to be surprised in the fall.