Everybody wants to get the word out! (a note on posting flyers in the library)


Posters and flyers are a great way to share news of your activities, and good citizens of The Ames Library should know about our policy on posting so that your creativity and hard work will be seen by others (and your expenses won’t be wasted).

Our rules are tailored to the library specifically but we also ask that you follow the Dean of Students’ Office Campus Posting Policy. So no matter where you are advertising on campus, make sure to check them out, too!

holiday-kwanzaaIn brief, use the library bulletin boards NOT stairwells’ or other walls and elevators to promote¬†activities of RSOs…Homecoming 2014

and campus offices that have clear dates of completion…



but postings for personal parties or community-sponsored activities that are not affiliated with campus are NOT permitted. In order to promote these kinds of events on library bulletin boards, the posting must be approved (and stamped) by the Dean of Students office.8198029058_71f1a6b326

For more information, or for clarification regarding any of the posting policies, please contact Meg Miner, Library Exhibits Team convener, x1538, room 401D, The Ames Library.


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