Netfix for Faculty

Netflix Faculty Pilot Program – Spring 2008

The Ames Library is offering a pilot program to provide  faculty access to Netflix, a movie rental service. Using Netflix will allow you access to their extensive collection of over 90,000 titles.

This program is designed for instructional purposes only and is not intended for recreational or home use. It may be very useful to find a film that is not available through our library catalog or to preview a title.  Please be sure to check availability in the IWU catalog before ordering a title. 

How it works:

* Find a video on Netflix. You may either browse or search for a specific title.* Check IWU catalog for availability.

* If not available, fill in the request form.  Allow at least one week for delivery and processing.

* When the DVD arrives, you will receive an email from us. The DVD will be checked out to you for 7 days and may be picked up at the Thorpe Digital Center. If not picked up in three business days the video will be returned to Netflix.

* We have a limited amount of films that we can borrow at any given time so prompt return of the DVD is crucial. One 7-day renewal is allowed.

Additional Information

* DVD’s cannot be placed on reserve.* If a DVD is lost or not returned within 15 days, you will be billed a $50 lost fee

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