Monday Missive – 10/20

In case you missed it, “the annual Homecoming football game at Illinois Wesleyan was spoiled with a 7-2 loss to Augustana.” While we lost the game, there was plenty of fun had throughout the rest of the weekend, so we’re all waking up a bit more slowly this morning. Need a little extra pick-me-up? Check out photos from around campus from this weekend.

We’re officially half way through the fall semester, and things are starting to get busy. There are still study spaces to be found in Ames in the evenings, but make sure you’re getting here early to get your preferred space. Remember you can reserve a project room through the Help@Ames desk for up to 4 hours at a time. Make your reservation now!

Speaking of getting started, do you know what’s going on in Ames this week? Read on to find out.


Today, Monday 10/20, the Writing Center is hosting an Open House to celebrate the National Day on Writing. Did you know the Writing Center recently moved into the library? It’s on the first floor near the Circulation Desk. Make your appointment today!

Instruction Lab, Room 129

  • Monday, 1pm, Prof. Coleman’s Gateway
  • Monday, 3pm, Prof. Coleman’s other Gateway
  • Tuesday, 9:25pm, Prof. Sibley’s Spanish 102
  • Tuesday, 10:50am, Prof. Ferradan’s Spanish 280
  • Tuesday, 1pm, Prof. Hoyt’s Business 490
  • Wednesday, 1pm, Prof. Coleman’s Gateway
  • Wednesday, 2pm, Prof. Harper’s Biology 217
  • Thursday, 9:25pm, Prof. Nillas’s Gateway
  • Thursday, 2:35pm, Prof. Nadeau’s Spanish 280
  • Friday, 10am, Prof. Connelley’s Gateway
  • Friday, 2pm, Prof. Isabelli’s Spanish 303
  • Friday, 3pm, Prof. Coleman’s Gateway

Room 214

  • Monday, 3pm, CUPP
  • Tuesday, noon, Library Advisory Committee
  • Tuesday, 4:30pm, Star Literacy
  • Wednesday, 3pm, CUPP
  • Thursday, 11am, Assessment Committee
  • Thursday, 1pm, IT Sharepoint
  • Thursday, 4:30pm, Star Literacy
  • Friday, 8am, IT Sharepoint

Beckman Auditorium

  • Monday, 7pm, Vanishing of the Bees
  • Tuesday, 1:10pm, Battle of Ideas
  • Tuesday, 7pm, Food, Inc. – Food, Inc. is the perplexing documentary on America’s food. Delving into various issues such as safety, health, rights, law and business, this film covers how factory farms fit into the American culture. This film is presented by VVV, (Vegetarians, Vegans, Victorious).
  • Wednesday, 5:30pm, Boundless Spirit: William Morris for the 21st Century – A public evening event focused on the Garden City Movement and its influence on Morris.
  • Wednesday, 7pm, Psychology 369
  • Thursday, 7pm, Baron von Munchhausen (1943) – A fantasy comedy of a German folktale about a man who never grows old. This version was filmed under the National Socialists as a distraction. Sponsor: International Film Series
  • Friday, 9pm, Nursing 400 Exam

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