Like Reading? We Found Some Lists!

With winter break just around the corner at Illinois Wesleyan, it’s a great time to catch up on your reading. If you’re looking to unwind with a book, but you’re not sure where to start, The Reading Lists might just be the perfect website for you.

What’s it all about? Says project founder Phil Treagus:

From my experience, it’s extremely rare to find someone who has achieved great success without reading a great amount of books.  But now it’s time for these brilliantly wonderful people to give back, to share their wisdom.  What are the books that changed everything for them?  Which books have had the biggest impact on their success?  Well, I’ve decided to take on the mission of unearthing the world’s most inspiring, life-changing and important books.  How will I do this? I intend to go right to the source, the world’s most successful humans.  I will be interviewing amazing guests, and they will be compiling their own reading list.

Some of the guests so far interviewed include astrophysicist Margaret Geller, actor and rapper Doc Brown, musician Henry Rollins, comedian Ahir Shah, robot ethicist Kate Darling, and philosopher Adrian Moore.

Once you’ve decided on a book or three, we’ve got you covered at The Ames Library. We have e-books galore for Kindle and hundreds of titles in our Popular Reading Collection, located on the main floor of the library between the Library Services Desk and the Writing Center. You can borrow a Kindle or titles from the Popular Reading Collection for up to three weeks. Books from the Popular Reading Collection can be renewed two times.

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