August 2009

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1) Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to register on MySpanishLab.

  • Once registered, on the “My Courses” page, click Enroll in a Course.
  • Type the Course ID associated with your section (find course codes listed at the bottom of this page) and click Submit.
  • On the Confirm Course screen, verify that the Course ID you entered matches your instructor’s course. You may see Allison Weiss listed as your instructor, since she is the campus administrator for MySpanishLab. That is okay. Click Next.
  • On the Summary screen, confirm the information is correct and then click Enter Course Now to enter your instructor’s course. If you have difficulty with this process or need to switch sections, please contact

2) Remember to do all steps in the “Browser Tune-Up” and deactivate the pop-up blocker in your browser.

3) Read this “Troubleshooting Checklist” if you have problems. Also, search for your question on this excellent page.

4) The registration process is described in written form below. ¡Buena suerte!


wolframWolphram|Alpha es un sitio que accede bases de datos de todo el mundo. Por ejemplo, si pongo “Ecuador” me da esta página:

Si pongo “GDP Argentina” me da esta página:

Si ponogo “north america vs. south america electricity” me da esto:

¿Qué opinas de este sitio?

He aquí el calendario de la sequencia introductoria del idioma español (para los profesores).

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