Sarah Bergman Grant Writing’14

Sarah Bergman at YWCA for her CPP internship

Sarah Bergman at YWCA for her CPP internship

Binder #92

Major: Political Science

Passion: Education and Outreach

Organization: YWCA

Project Title: “Developing a Career Readiness Program for Low Income Women”

Project Summary: My main project was researching information that would help the YWCA offer racial justice consulting services to local businesses and organizations. My smaller project was helping to develop a new career readiness program for low-income women called Fit for the Job. The YWCA gave me a significant amount of freedom on both of these projects, and I worked most of the time independently.

A note from Sarah: Any expectations that I had at the beginning were different by the end of my time there. I’ve learned that it’s vital to be flexible, be willing to adjust your plans, and be willing to take some risks. I have an incredible amount of respect for people that devote their lives to non-profits, because I think it’s one of the most difficult jobs. I think the people that work at non-profits are some of the most passionate, dedicated people around.