“WORDS OF” Sculpture

Kersten art piece “WORDS OF” 

 by James Dean Kersten

A unique multimedia sculpture, composed of spent bullet casings and upcycled computer keys, is being showcased on the entry level of the library, near the Human Rights   Cluster wall. Local sculptor Jim Kersten hopes his piece will raise awareness in favor of civility.

Says Kersten, “A word, in many ways, is like a bullet. Once it is spoken, it truly cannot be retracted. Spoken harshly or thoughtlessly, a word can leave a wound or a scar. And  no matter how hard you try to take it back… you simply can’t.”

The sculpture encourages our campus community to write on a small piece of paper a short message of forgiveness to anyone who has received an unkind word. The paper is then rolled up and placed inside one of the bullet casings.

#Here at IWU students are promoting the message of the sculpture and encourage everyone to take part in filling the casings with words of compassion and forgiveness.

The piece will be on display through graduation on May 5.

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