Women of Color Week

Women of Color Week is an entire week here at IWU dedicated to educating, connecting, supporting and celebrating our community through events centered on Women of Color.

In addition to events held throughout campus, “Get in Formation,” a talk by Nicole Ruth Brown will be held in the Beckman Auditorium on Friday, April 15 at 7pm.
Monday, April 11th – “Dispelling the Myths” A student led presentation and discussion about harmful stereotypes surrounding women of color. SFH 102, 7pm

Tuesday, April 12th – “Women of color in the Work Place” A group of professional women from the area come and talk about their experiences as a woman in their field. A great way to connect! Joslin Atrium, 5:30pm

Wednesday, April 13th – In collaboration with Feminism: Equality Matters and the IWU Sexual Assault Task Force, Women of Color Week invites you to participate in Take Back the Night- an opportunity for survivors and allies to share, discuss and empower our campus. (You can find our FB event) SFH steps, 7pm

Thursday, April 14th – RSO Day; the Black Student Union, Spanish and Latino Student Association, and Feminism: Equality Matters will be hosting an informational poster session on women of color in our respective fields. Eckley Lounge, 11am

Friday, April 15th – “Formation Day” Women of Color Week will be hosting speaker Nicole Ruth Brown from U of I. She will be speaking on supporting and empowering women within your communities. Ames, Beckman Auditorium, 7pm

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