What’s New in Ames this Summer?

Over the summer, the Library and Campus ITS are making some changes in The Ames Library that will affect service points and phone numbers. We want to be sure you are aware of these changes, so that you can update any internal phone rosters and find us when you need us:

  • The ITS Help Desk has moved to the 3rd floor of the library. ITS/computer help, along with service & repair of your personally-owned computers, is now located in room 301 in the Library (The Thorpe Center). Instructional technology, technology training, and classroom support will remain in 301. The ITS Help Desk number stays the same: x3900.
  • The Library Services Desk (formerly known as the Circulation Desk) is now the single service point on the entry level. All library services, including research support and basic circulation functions, can be found at this desk. This desk, along with poster printing, R25 reservations, and laptop and media equipment check-out, will be managed by Katy Ritter. The phone number for this desk has changed to x3350 (previously x3053). The previous Circulation Services Manager phone number, x3224, will no longer be in service. Please call Katy Ritter at x3172 for questions.
  • Tony Heaton has moved to room 070 but will continue to manage all of our ILL, Document Delivery, course packet requests along with other collection-related responsibilities. His phone is x1040.

Office Moves

  • Karen Schmidt has moved to room 117 (previously in room 201A). Her phone number remains x3834.
  • Marcia Thomas has moved to room 114 (previously in room 117). Her phone number remains x3808.
  • Katy Ritter has moved to the Library Services Desk (previously in room 201). Her phone number remains x3172.
  • Tony Heaton has moved to room 070 (previously at the Library Services Desk). His phone number has changed to x1040.
  • Kate Browne has moved to room 301B (previously in room 301D). Her phone number remains x3890.
  • Lisa Caughron has moved to room 301C (previously in room 133). Her phone number remains x3840.

Project Rooms

Our new configuration has provided us with the opportunity to add two additional Project Rooms for student, faculty and staff to use for group projects and meetings. These rooms will be equipped with computers, projection capabilities and webcams. In addition, some of the rooms will have DVD players and phones available for any audio needs. The Project Rooms will be located in rooms; 130, 133, 134, 201A, 201B, 201D and 214.

In August, there will be a system in place which will allow you to book these rooms online through our website. Our library website will have details regarding use of this system, beginning in August.

The Ames Library web page has the new numbers posted and is the best source of information:


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