Welcome & Welcome Back!

It’s been another busy summer here at The Ames Library, and we’re thrilled to welcome new and transfer students to campus!  We also want to extend a warm welcome back to returning students, many of whom have been doing amazing work on campus or completing internships, and to our faculty, who have also been busy with research and course preparation.  Wherever you’ve been this summer, we’re happy to see you back at IWU.

You may notice some changes in the building this fall – thanks to our great Physical Plant staff and our dedicated custodians, Justin and Nora, we’ve added some extra areas for studying, reading and working together.  Here are the highlights:

photo 2


On the first floor, we’ve consolidated print journals and added more tables for collaboration.  We’ve also reconfigured two former offices into new project rooms, which means we now have six project rooms for students to reserve through Help@Ames.







photo 5


On the second floor, we’ve removed 10 rows of shelving and added study tables and a whiteboard on one side of the space.







photo 4



On the other side, outside of Room 214, we’ve added some extra comfy seating.







We hope you enjoy the building as much as we do.  Keep coming back to our blog throughout the year for more news about resources, events and more.

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