Try Them Out! – New Databases

Ames is trialing a couple of new databases. Check them out as they’ll only be available until January 18, 2015. If you’ve got any feedback about the databases, be sure to share them with your library liaison.

More than 600,000 published tables a year on thousands of different topics. It provides fast and easy access to statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, states, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations.
Collection of global macroeconomic and demographic statistics taken from national governments, international organizations, and research firms, enabling users to simply and immediately query and compare data and to share their findings.
We’ll decide which databases to purchase based on need, content, quality, ease of use, costs, and other factors. We can’t promise that these databases will be purchased or, if purchased, that we can continue to provide them, but we welcome and value your input!

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