Pantagraph Joins “Fact or Fiction” Open House

Image Credit: David Proeber, The Pantagraph

The Pantagraph joined more than 100 students and faculty at this Fall’s “Fact or Fiction” Course Cluster Open House, where students in over a dozen different courses shared research posters, oral presentations, and creative work around the subject of this year’s Annual Intellectual Theme.

Chris Sweet, Information Literacy Librarian and Associate Professor in The Ames Library, has coordinated programming across campus in support for the “Fact or Fiction” theme, which is closely associated with the skills and concepts associated with the library’s award-winning instructional services program. As he said: “It’s not just politics and ‘fake news.’ It’s about learning to be a good critical thinker and consumer of information. How do you evaluate what you see and read?”

More information on, and photos of, the Fall 2019 Open House are available on the Pantagraph site.


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