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8:15am – IT is aware that students are having difficultly logging into myIWU to register. They are working on it and will have it fixed as soon as possible. Check back here for updates.

UPDATE: as of 11:30, myIWU seems to be back up. Please refer to campus emails for rescheduled registration times from today.

UPDATE, 3:54pm: Information Technology Services is planning a restart of the MyIWU server at 4:30pm today – 11/5/2014.  The planned 15-20 minute service interruption is scheduled so a configuration change can be made to eliminate the “too many users” error being reported when accessing MyIWU.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make corrective measures to the MyIWU server.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

As a result of technical problems with my.iwu, the majority of students with early registration times were unable to log in and enroll in courses for next Spring.
In order to accommodate the remaining students who would have otherwise registered today, we will be moving their registration time to tomorrow (Thursday, November 6). The groups will remain the same, but the new times will be as follows:
Times on November 5 for the remaining groups scheduled to register on Wednesday will be as follows:
– from Nov 5 @ 10:50 to Nov 6 @ 9:15
– from Nov 5 @ 12:50 to Nov 6 @ 10:40
– from Nov 5 @ 1:50 to Nov 6 @ 12:05
– from Nov 5 @ 2:50 to Nov 6 @ 1:00
When my.iwu is back in service, these students should check their account for their new registration time.
Any students who registered in the early groups on Wednesday, November 5 (7:508:509:50) will still be allowed to register once the system has been restored.
Another email will be sent once the system is restored.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Registrar’s Office

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