Native Voices: Medicine Wheel Teaching Event

Tonight, The Ames Library, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Sociology & Anthropology Department are co-sponsoring a medicine wheel teaching event conducted by Eliida Lakota Knoll and the Reverend Carol Lakota Eastin. Said Washington Post writer Evelyn Porreca Vuko in a 2001 article, “The medicine wheel symbolizes the circle of life in many different Native American cultures. Paths and circles outlined with stones mark passages and changes in people’s lives.”

The event, which consists of a station of activities in each of the four directions, will be held from 6:30–8:00 p.m. in the library’s entry level rotunda. Participants will be instructed to move sun-wise (a.k.a. clockwise) from station to station, and will be guided through a set of craft-making activities at each one creating a set of power-objects to put into a medicine bag.


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