Fall Cluster Class Presentations in Ames


Cluster Classes Open House

Wednesday, December 7th, 11am – 1pm

The Ames Library

Cultural Anthropology- ANTH 171-  Introduces the study of cultures and social processes throughout the world today, with attention to anthropological theory and method. Topics include kinship, exchange systems, political organization, religion, and the expressive arts. Case studies from the non-western world as well as the contemporary U.S.

People & Cultures/East Africa- ANTH/ENST 274- Survey of select east African societies whose cultural adaptations to varied ecosystems make interesting case studies for comparative analysis. Reveals the diversity and the congruity of human social systems.

Visual Ethnographic Methods- ANTH 380- Critical analysis of ethnographic photography and film followed by the production of a visual auto-ethnography, and the following collaborative ethnographic research projects: a photo-essay, poster presentation, and short film.

Education and Social Justice- EDUC 225– Focuses on African American Women in education and will display a variety of artifacts to display the learning done over the semester.

Rebels, Radicals, and Revolutionaries: American Feminist ThoughtGW 100- This course focused on the major historical moments in American Feminist History and considered the title of the course: were feminists “rebels, radicals, and revolutionaries” who worked steadily towards more and more equal rights for women? Who was included and excluded in these equal rights? Did that change over time? How and why?

Intermediate Latin- LAT 201- Translations of ancient Roman texts on women. The translations will also include context on both the author and the lives of women in ancient Rome.

Women and Politics- PSCI 220- State of the Discipline Talks: seven minute talks that summarize in a visual format one aspect of a scholarly review of an area of the women in politics literature.

Black Feminist Imaginings- SOC 370- Work that explores the investigation of the Roxbury/Boston Murders.

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