Bikes in the Library!

Bike Rack Located on East Side of Ames Library Entrance

Bike Rack Located on East Side of Ames Library Entrance

If you’ve been around the Illinois Wesleyan campus in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the rapid growth in the number of bikes on campus. For many students, the best way to get around town is by bike. Not owning a car means more flexibility with parking, much lower cost of repairs and insurance, and never needing to buy gas. For the university, bike racks are significantly more efficient – each bike parking space costs an order of magnitude less to create and maintain than each car parking space, and they can be placed much closer to building entrances, alleviating many concerns about lack of convenient parking.

Still, while almost all of our students know how to ride a bike and would gladly use one to get around town, only a small percent of students have their own bikes on campus. Queue Titan Free Ride, the Illinois Wesleyan bike share program. Much like books in a library, ten bikes are available for checkout for 24 hours at a time at the Help@Ames desk or the Hansen Student Center Information Desk by anyone with an Illinois Wesleyan ID card, free of charge. A few helmets are also available for checkout at the Hansen desk.
Questions about the program can be directed to Michael Gorman, IWU Bike Committee Chair, at or 309-556-3262.

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