Places & Spaces around Ames

One of the great things about the library is the choices for study and conversation spaces.
Here are a few of our favorites:

The Minor Myers jr Honors Collection resides in what students call the “Beauty and the Beast” room. The Collection includes award-winning books from a wide variety of organizations and disciplines, including poetry, biography, cookbooks, children’s literature and fiction.

The Thorpe Center offers comfy seating, Mac computers, and a great view of the Ames Plaza.

Using whiteboard paint, we transformed three small walls in Thorpe into a large whiteboard, complete with seating.

If you need to meet with a study group, you can reserve one of our three project rooms by calling Help@Ames (x3900). Each project room has a computer, screen and seating for 3-4 people. We also have group study rooms on the second, third and fourth floors of the library which are first come, first serve.

Help@Ames, located on the entry level near the Information Commons, provides both research assistance and technology support during library hours. You can learn about starting points for library research, connect with a librarian, install your wireless client, or reserve a project room at the Help@Ames Desk.

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