Natalie Witter: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: At State Farm, I was in the Purchasing Department. One thing I worked on was compiling information about companies to put together company backgrounds. I then presented my findings. Also, I performed litigation reviews on companies and wrote litigation summaries to be given to business partners. nataliewitter

 Community: At Marcfirst, I was located in the Transition Department, which is the department responsible for programs geared toward high school / young adult individuals. I planned the first annual Fall Family Camp for middle school aged students and their family. Also, I planned Transition Club, an afternoon program designed to teach basic lessons such as CPR, basic car knowledge, etc., for fall 2013. I also attended Friends First, a program held on Tuesday and Thursday each week to provide entertainment and socialization for individuals of all ages with disabilities in the community, each Thursday.

 Grant Summary: Many families either have children with developmental disabilities or know someone with a developmental disability. Marcfirst works diligently to provide relevant services to these individuals and their families. Premiering this year is the fall family camp for middle school age students with disabilities and their families. The project to be funded is craft supplies that will be used to make crafts that will be sold at Martinis for Marcfirst, an annual fundraiser Marcfirst hosts. The proceeds from selling the crafts will go into a fund to be spent on camp for next year.

Message from Natalie- “If there is one thing I learned this summer, it is that if one is starting to get too comfortable, it is time to try something new.”