Josh Wiggs: CPP Program ’13

State Farm: My main project has been to develop a dashboard that directors and managers can use to get access to some high level information concerning problem records in the command center.  I have also spent a little bit of time making a sharepoint site for my team’s newsletter. joshwiggs

Community: At Western Avenue, I have been developing a database for them to store and track information about the clients that they offer services to for their benefit as well as United Way and their other donors.

Grant Summary: This project will involve ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), a student organization made up of computer science majors at Illinois Wesleyan University, holding 3 Workshops at Western Avenue Community Center covering different topics concerning technology such as Web Development, Database Design and Social Media during the 2013 fall semester. These workshops will be geared for small businesses and not for profit organizations that have little experience with such technology, need assistance improving or maintaining current technology, or are simply curious about the latest technology that is available. Our main focus will be to highlight technology and software that is readily available and that is priced at a reasonable cost. In order to attract more attendants, representatives from businesses will be able to sign in and enter their contact information at each workshop for a chance to receive 50 hours of free consulting from ACM. We are requesting a total of $500, $450 to be used to compensate ACM for their assistance with the workshops, consulting hours, and software design1 and $50 for workshop expenses such as snacks, beverages and other items that will make this project a success.